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A Philosophical Excursion: Uncovering New Answers To Existence

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Human beings are always searching and anticipating for who and what we are from the day being born until the time our bodies expire. For one to be infatuated and intrigued by the idea of “what is life” is a forever on going process. Life is nothing but a quest and an immaculate question that is constantly looking for the proper equation to answer all of the mysteries and ambiguities the universes has provided human beings with throughout time. Throughout history, human beings have always been told to think this way, love only these things, never do this activity, participating in this activity will curse one’s life forever, but doing this activity with these individuals will allow one to ...view middle of the document...

The ideal path that has now been chosen is an approach much like an Agonist methodology to science and religion with a post-modernistic mentality. It is easy to understand religion and how and why Christians believe the things that they believe. There is also a much deeper understanding of how science has distinguished the theories and concepts that have been exposed to the public of findings such as evolution and creation. These concepts all work and are all found by logical and rational equation and theory providing more insight towards life’s unanswered questions.
Furthermore, the thing that stands out the most within philosophy is the simple fact that there is no right answer and there is no wrong answer. Everything in existence is a colossal equation to answering life by proving and providing thorough analysis stating facts and proof for each inquiry. The concepts that God is real, God has created all things, there is no other way, God is the light, the answer, and the key to everything, has forever been the indefinite statements crammed down human beings throat from the times of the ancient civilizations all the way up to the modern world. Philosophy takes this statement and provides a simple question with a simple task for explanation. Perhaps a philosopher would state how is this so, and if it is so, provide proof and there would be a cascade of knowledge and knowing transcended upon the world. This course has provided the mind to question everything, every movement, every breath, time in general, even reality and the conscious and sub-conscious mind. Again, this is all possible through philosophy, because there is no right and there are no wrong answers.
Finally, philosophy has opened up a new realm to the intellectual world and searching for knowledge. If there is any statement that has stood out the most within this course it...

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