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A Philosophy Of Education Essay

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Education is important to me for a number of reasons. I believe education is fundamental in forming a person's beliefs, attitudes, esteem, and aspirations. It is a foundation upon which we determine our future and goals. Although I know that I will probably never gain prestige, wealth, or status by working as an educator, I firmly believe that there is simply no other profession for me. There is nothing I could do with my life more fulfilling or meaningful than to assist a child acquire knowledge about the world in which we live.I have many beliefs regarding effective instructions, however, above all I believe that teaching methods should be tolerant and adaptable to the values, cultures, and aptitudes of all children. An effective teacher should be aware of the various attitudes and culture systems within a classroom and should always strive to build positive, trusting relationships with each student. Tolerance and respect should be taught in a reciprocating manner with a combination of compassion and discipline. Social interactions are an important part of a child's education, particularly in early and middle education, when a child is getting familiar with the structure of school and his peers. Teaching children how to interact with each other in a variety of settings should be a continuous goal, and learning goals should include examples of multiculturalism, democracy, and the negative effects of discrimination. This part of a curriculum is essential in guiding our students to becoming well-adjusted individuals capable of later forming healthy personal and professional relationships.I believe administrators should be responsible for acquiring and maintaining a highly trained staff of teachers, guidance counselors, aides, and other school personnel. Continuous education and training experiences should be provided, and educators should feel that school's administration is there to support and assist them in meeting the educational needs of their students. Not only does the administration have a responsibility to support its teachers and staff, but it also has a responsibility to its community to continuously evaluate the curriculum, teaching methods, and academic programs that are available to students. Administrators should also make sure that the school's facilities are well-kept, so that students have a safe and clean environment in which to learn. I believe that administrators are also responsible in overseeing the creation of school exploratory programs, non-traditional scheduling opportunities, and extra-curricular activities. In short, I feel that the administration of a school should provide the staff and the students within a school the tools and resources necessary to get the most from their educational experiences.I believe parent participation is an important part of a child's education experiences, and I feel it is vital for parents to support the view that learning does not begin and end only within a...

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