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A Piety Above The Common Standard: Review

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A Piety Above the Common Standard: ReviewI have read about 85% of this book and I would definitely say that A Piety Above the Common Standard is, aside from a few minor issues, a very well written and informative book (e-kudos to you). And while I can't say that it's ever been very high on my interest list concerning books, it wasn't a bore either (much appreciated).The book starts out going into the history of what exactly the key elements were in preparing Mr. Jesse Mercer for his life to come as one of the biggest impactors ever, of the Baptist faith. Mr. Jesse Mercer was born into a "Baptist" home that actually wasn't. The form or Protestantism that his family was party to believed in was pre-Baptist Baptistism (word?):1. Baptism of believers only2. A regularly gathering church family3. The freedom to participate in the religion of your choiceIt was pointed out that many people began to think that Jesse Mercer would occasionally soften his ideas about being a 5 point Calvinist and the sovereignty of Godbecause of how he was all for Baptist education, creating a unified Baptist church/faith, and missions to the people of the world who hadn't heard the Gospel, "Although he was a 5 point Calvinist who promoted the doctrines of grace... ...he was often accused of softening his views on the sovereignty of God in salvation." (apparently people said that since God predestined us concerning our salvation, trying to evangelize was infringing on God's plans for everyone).Now, I am not a 5 point Calvinist, if anything I am more of Armenianistic than Calvinistic, but if I were a 5 point Calvinist I could easily argue both for and against Mercer's ideas about evangelizing and religion... But the deciding factor is that we are explicitly called several times in the Bible to go out to the nations and preach God's word, and, God gave us our minds and our relationship with Him, why shouldn't we combine the two?Because the majority of people in Georgia at the beginning were Baptist, from the very beginning of thecolony, it was a safe place to identify with any religion of choice (except Catholicism).This whole idea of allowing people to choose their own religion (had they the desire to choose any at all) was extremely foreign to the largest opponent of the Baptistchurch (at least until the revolutionary war), namely, the Anglican church. The declining in popularity of the Anglican church because of the revolutionary war, and the fact that church attendance was compulsory (they lost people because religion become something that had to be done instead of truly caring about God's wishes), and because it was just not suited for the new world... traditions meant nothing to frontiers-people, was probably one of the biggest helps when coupled with...

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