A Pilgrimage Essay

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A Pilgrimage

A pilgrimage is a journey undertaken for a religious reason. Since the
time of Jesus Christians have visited the places associated with his
birth, life and death. In addition to these sites in Israel there are
many other centres of Christian pilgrimage Lourdes in France,
Walsingham, and Canterbury in England, Holywell and Saint Davids in
Wales, Rome, to name but a few.


The Roman Catholic Church has always taught that pilgrimage is a
useful way to strengthen one's Christian faith. The Protestant
Churches generally rejected the idea of pilgrimage because they
believe that if it gives people the wrong idea about God. Pilgrimage
was always popular in the Middle Ages, and is increasingly in
popularity again, perhaps because Christians are searching for a
Christian identifying in the hurly-burly of the twentieth century


I have three reasons why I went on a pilgrimage. They are:

· To visit the sites of Jesus' birth, life and death in order to
experience the atmosphere and gain a deeper understanding of his

· To walk in his footsteps of a saint who was very special to us
(Christians), especially if a miracle is connected to the site of the

· To thank God for a blessing he has given them.

· To be with fellow Christians from all round the globe. Christianity



I began my pilgrimage in the place of Jesus' birthplace, BETHLEHEM.

The story of Bethlehem

Bethlehem is a small town, which lies about five miles south of
Jerusalem in the land of Israel. It attracts many thousands of
Christian pilgrims every year and is especially popular as a place of
pilgrimage a Christmas, for here in this little town Jesus was born.

Mary and Joseph, the parents of Jesus lived in the town of Nazareth,
about 100 miles to the north in the district of Galilee. Shortly
before Mary's first child was due to be born, the Romans who occupied
the land announced that there was to be a census (i.e. a registration
of the whole population); and people had to travel to the chief town
of their own particular tribe to register. As Joseph was a native of
Bethlehem, this meant that Mary and he had to travel there. Bethlehem
was extremely busy because of the census and the couple had great
difficulty in finding anywhere to stay. Joseph was very worried since
he knew that Mary's baby would soon be born. At last they were offered
a corner in a stable and their Mary gave birth to a son. Many houses
in Bethlehem were built in front of caves and it may well have been
that the birthplace was a cave behind the living area of the inn,
where the animals were put for shelter in bad weather.

It soon...

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