A Pitcher Or A Well Essay

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Mothers are more like a pitcher than they are like a well. A well stirs up the vision of a never-ending supply of water. One goes to the well and with little effort, the well provides life-sustaining water to all that come seeking it. A pitcher, whether simple or ornate, can only pour out a limited amount of water. That source of nourishment is supplied from a source outside of itself. A well is self-reliant. A pitcher relies on refilling for its usefulness. Mothers need of constant refilling as they continually fill others with their outpouring.To preserve the time required of mothering it is vital to effectively establish boundaries around one's time. Demands of a mother are as countless as the hours. Cook, maid, teacher, doctor, mediator, comforter, provider, and referee are naming only a few of the roles of a mother. The ability to say no to the things that are not top priority is guarding the time for the things that are. Recognizing that we, as mothers, cannot be superwoman is to begin to organize our lives to reflect our priorities. It is said that where one spends their time is where one's true priorities lay. School committees, church functions, and community volunteering need to be carefully balanced to provide the woman adequate time to be a mother. There will always be a cause or need that has to be filled. A wise mother practices a careful balance between managing her home life and the pulls of the outside world. Mothers that are a source of enrichment to others must acquire external stimulation for themselves. Mothers are constantly enriching the lives of those around them through activities, adventures,...

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