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A Pizza And Pasta Restaurant In Oxford

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A pizza and pasta restaurant in Oxford would thrive because of the lifestyle that the people in the city live and their expenditure patterns, which show preference for flashy foods like pizza. The report is about a company that wants to set up a pizza and pasta restaurant in Oxford. The report evaluates the nature of business in oxford and the purchasing trends among the residents in the area. The report also evaluates the realistic nature of pizza and pasta restaurant in Oxford in terms of the profitability and the market catch for a new business.
The data aims at permitting informed decision making by the company on whether to invest in the pizza and pasta restaurant in Oxford. The information also aims at sensitizing the client on the threats that they should expect while choosing to invest in the business. It is recommended that the client invest in the pizza and pasta restaurant in Oxford because of the profitability of such a venture and the low risks involved in the investment.
Objectives of the report
- To analyze the key features of a pizza and pasta restaurant market in Oxford
- To analyse the target market and positioning statement of pizza and pasta restaurant in Oxford
- To analyze the key features of different element of marketing mix

Scope of the study
The study evaluates the possibility of success versus the failure chances of a pizza and pasta restaurant in Oxford. The study also analyzes the existing ventures in the business in order to determine the chances of success of a new venture.

1.Key features of Pizza and Pasta restaurant in Oxford, UK

1.1 Situation Analysis
1.1.1 Demographics

Demographic environment in Oxford, UK, is favorable for the development of the restaurant activities: the population is growing and there are many visitors in the city. The population growth made up 12% during the period of 2001-2011. The target market for pizza and pasta restaurant is wide – from children to elderly people of both genders because fast food alternatives are popular (Oxford City Council, 2012).
1.1.2 Economic Environment
The sharp increase of unemployment in UK and income dropping tendencies do not create a favorable external environment. However, Oxford is the sixth city in UK by the number of international visitors willing to spend money on restaurants. Besides, food industry is less influenced by the economic fluctuations because it is connected with physical needs of people (Grant, 2013).
1.1.3 Technological Innovations
The main innovation in the restaurant industry is organic products and sustainability that should be emphasized when launching the restaurant.
1.1.4 Cultural and Social Forces
The culture of eating pizza and pasta is rather developed in UK since it is a fast and easy way to satisfy hunger on the go. Besides, presence of many tourists makes this tradition even more popular (Endsley and Garland, 2000).

1.1.5 Organizational Objectives
At the present time, the main...

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