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A Place Called Ceani Essay

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Raphael Hohstadt walked through the windy desert of Ceani. The wind-blown sand had made Raphael’s goggles very dirty, and it was hard to see out of them. His once-sandy-blonde hair was dark with dirt and grease. His eyes matched his dirty hair, and the loose parka he wore. His tight black shirt was zipped all the way up to the front of his face, hiding the mask that he wore over his nose and mouth to block him from breathing the toxins in the air. He had green cargo pants on, with the pockets filled with survival tools. He carried a bottle on a belt that sucked moisture out of the air and filtered it into clean water, which could no longer be found on the planet.
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He had to pay them back for some of the troubles that he had caused them, which he tried very hard to forget, and because of that, he was placed here, where no one else wanted to work. He walked towards it, watching the orange sun decline in the distance, and the large mood start to come up behind him. The norm for this time of the year is 36 hours of night straight, and then only 9 hours of daylight. The moon is bright enough to move around in the dark, for the most part, so Raphael moved around a lot in the dark, since his parka came with a light on the front. It freed his hands so he could work more. He crawled into one of the exposed rooms, revealing the little camp that he built underneath. He grabbed supplies and put it in a backpack to head to the site in the building that he had been excavating recently. He had uncovered a type of pattern on one of the walls that seemed interesting, though it had been covered with hardened sand and bits of the ceiling and wall from structural damage over the years. He had been slowly scraping away more and more of the rubble in order to expose whatever structure it was.
He sighed as he looked at what little he had actually accomplished in the grand scheme of the ruin; even though he had been cutting, digging, and scooping away the rubble for years, the more he revealed the more elaborate the wall became. Some seemed to be just a type of painted design, but some parts seemed to show metallic pieces that seemed to follow a circular sector, though Raphael could not be for certain. He had been taking pictures of his progress and sending them to Spartech, and kept artifacts that he found through sifting, and carefully cutting with a penknife, scraping with a trowel, and brushing off everything to see what exactly laid behind the rubble. He had been writing down everything in order to classify and analyze as much as he could. But right now, he was getting frustrated and scraping away fervently, because he noticed that some of the lines of the design were starting to connect. He was excited to finally have found some sort of leeway with the ruin, since it had been years and Spartech was beginning to get frustrated with him. He was unsure as to what the repercussions would be if he did not find anything significant, but he knew that if he did, he would have had to report to them immediately.
With one strong pound of his hand, a large chunk of hardened sand fell off, and left a crack through the rest of the rubble. Raphael got even more excited, and started pounding away at the structure, no longer paying attention to being safe or cautious. However, it didn’t do much, except for scratch the structure, which brought his attention back to the rule of being cautious on the site. He looked back at the part of the site that the chunk fell off of, and started scraping beside it again with care. His penknife hit something hard, though instead of it staying in place like the other metallic objects, it moved slightly....

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