A Play I Wrote For My "Modern Femininity" Class. Some People Might Find It Offensive. It Was In Response To The Assignment "Write A Creative Response To Changing Role Of Males In Modern Parenting"

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PEAS, STEAK, AND, JAKE.By Daniel NobleAn elderly man, wearing a jacket with only one button attached sits at a dinner table with his equally elderly wife, who is wearing tattered evening gown. Before them is a dinner of steak and peas. In the other seats of the table sit two stuffed animals that the couple believe are their children.Ronald: Margaret, I must say, tonight the peas have quite a bit of spunk. What prey tell is your secret, to such delightful green morsels of green peas?.Margaret: (Sips from her cocktail) Pepper, I love pepper, it turns an everyday meal, into culinary delightment. I used to use Mrs. Dash, but then she started giving me dirty looks.Ronald: Pepper! I should have guessed, it was like the peas were dancing on my tongue. But then I thought to myself, peas don't have legs, how can they possibly dance on my tongue.Margaret: Maybe they had prosthetic pea legs.Ronald: That would be quite a sight, wouldn't it? Remember when your brother had to get a prosthetic leg, after the incident. What was it we used to call him?Margaret: Herbert.Ronald: No, his nickname.Margaret: My, my, I seem to have forgotten. Oh wait, I remember now, Herbert No Legs.Ronald: Oh yes, of course, remember we would throw things at him, and then we'd say "Run no legs, Run," but he wouldn't run, because he had no legs.Margaret: Yes, I'm so glad we inherited his prosthetic; it makes the perfect vase for our lilies.Ronald: We should have filled it with pansies, it would have been more appropriate.Margaret: My mother used to grow the most beautiful pansies, right next to where we buried papa. She used to love to tell the story about how she accidentally dug up Daddy's eyeball.Ronald: Of course, and then she preserved it in a jar of pickled herrings she placed on your bed stand, and every time I'd come over, remember what she'd say?Margaret: You better not try anything frisky with my daughter, because her father is always watching. (She starts to laugh, and her boobs get in the soup)Ronald: Margaret, your titties are going for a swim!Margaret: OH MY! (She pulls them out) I suppose they were doing the "breast stroke"(she laughs again and her boobs go back in the soup)Ronald: (Addressing a stuffed animal) Molly, stop laughing at your mother, and eat your peas. (Talking to Margaret) Margaret, she says she doesn't like your peas, too much pepper.Margaret: TOO MUCH PEPPER! TOO MUCH PEPPER! I'll show her too much pepper (Margaret gets up with a bowl of peas and starts smashing them into Molly's stuffed animal face) Eat your peas, you ungrateful little twat!Ronald: Now, Now molly, don't give me that look. Maybe if you just ate your peas like William, your mother wouldn't have to shove them down your throat. (Addressing Margaret) By the way Margaret, William says eating your peas are like swallowing a ray of sunshine.Margaret: OH WILLIAM, WILLIAM! WILLIAM! You always were mommies favourite, I've got a snack for my good little boy. (She picks up William and sits down with...

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The assignment was to sit for 20 min and observe, and then to write about it. I chose to write about a starbucks encounter.

573 words - 2 pages chocolate milk?" In response to a blank stare from the 2-year-old boy, she repeated slower, annunciating each word, "Milk, sweetheart, or juice? Which one would you like?" The little boy hesitated, shrugged his shoulders, took a deep breath, and said, "I don't know.....ummmmm...I...want, ummmm, milk!"At this point, the impatient and annoyed woman behind the counter was anything but amused. She stood, fixing her hunter green, stained, Starbucks apron

This is an ethical case study that I made up to provoke discussion in class. I wrote it for a leadership communications class.

1590 words - 6 pages their sport and the product, he didn't care what business experience they had. One of those athletes was Joe Gilden. Joe was an NCAA phenomenon, but because of a career ending injury, decided to work for Chad so he could still be in the competitive environment. After the company expansion, Joe became one of Chad's corporate executives in charge of product marketing. Some of Joe's best qualities were his abilities to generate a great work culture

This was a creative writing assignment for my rhetoric and composition class. We had to write about any personal experience. This is about a soccer game played in HS.

921 words - 4 pages ignore their contempt though. We maintained the attitude that its just a game. Coach F. always told us to play hard, but play for fun. Winning wasn't important if we had a good time. Maybe he said that because we were the lowest ranked team, but in all honestly we didn't care. We won some, we lost some- well, we lost most of the time- but it was the love of the game that kept us going.We huddle together and do our standard cheer to get our spirits

Oscar, the human clone. This was an short story that I attempted to write for my creative writting class.

1099 words - 4 pages This was an assignment that we got for our creative writting class. We had to write a little short story from a point of view of an unique character. Any comments/compliments would be appericiated to make this a bit better, thank you.-----------------------------------------------------------It is close to the dawn and I'm standing at the edge of the roof by a white marble statue of an angel. The angel appears to be on his knees looking down

Essay: I had to write an essay about a conflict in my life, and how I handled it. If it was overcome or not. I also had to present a clear thesis in my essay.

529 words - 2 pages working with my father at his restaurant until two in the morning, and I was exhausted. He always had some type of task he was working on, and I would always help. It bothered me that other boys could come home and do their school work, then play. I was also not allowed to have female classmates as friends. I could not even call them for assignments. This is something I didn't understand at all. I could not talk to my father about these issues

Cards Analysis, A creative writing in response to the importance of cards in The Solitaire Mystery

633 words - 3 pages is looking in the West direction, the Jack of Hearts is looking in the East direction and the Jack of Diamonds is looking in the South East direction. The Jack of Spades and the Jack of Hearts seem like mean and nasty guards by their facial expressions while Jack of Clubs and Jack of Diamonds have a pleasant smile on their faces. The Jack of Hearts is when compared to King and Queen of Hearts, looks in a totally different direction. In the Diamonds it is the King who is looking in a different direction than the Queen and Jack. In Spades it is the King and in Clubs it is the Queen who looks in a different direction than the others.

This paper is about Imperialism in India. I had to write it for my AP-World History class after I watched the movie "Gandhi."

714 words - 3 pages was the case inIndia during the time of Gandhi, this was what he was fighting against.Gandhi was an Indian lawyer educated in the United Kingdom. He was on his wayto South Africa to be legal advisor to a firm down there. Upon arrival, he was treated in such amanner that is unthinkable to present day people, but was a reality for thousands of Indianimmigrants to South Africa at that time. He decided he would join in the struggle for basic rightsfor

This is a reaction paper i did for my speech class and the purpose was to inform someone about a time in my life that really affected me. there is no title for it. enjoy :D

664 words - 3 pages through it. The relationship was young, only been dating for 9 months, but it felt like i knew him forever. But like the saying goes " Good things must come to an end".In any mutual partnerships, there are its ups and downs. Everyone gets into little petty arguments or discussions that they try to avoid. i still remember "The talk" all too well. It was in the summer before I began my junior year of high school. At that time he was finishing up at

Creative Story. An adaptation of Margaret Laurence's "Where my World Began". IT was an assignment for English class, we had to say where we began.

570 words - 2 pages Where My Real World BeganMy world began much father away then most of the people in my class. It began where the summers were hot, almost scorching, and the winters cool and dry. I still consider myself a western child, because that is where I grew and where my heart still belongs, even till today.The city was an oddity in the western landscape, it was large and overpowering, like a dragon that has yet to be fought. You see, most people think of

This is an essay I wrote for my Marketing class. It decribes everything that has to do with becoming a resturant manager.

945 words - 4 pages for each shift. They also hire responsible employees that will benefit their company. Some manager's help in developing marketing plans for their restaurant, otherwise known as the 4 P's. Managers also assist is payroll, which isn't an easy task. This career matches my personality because I like to be in charge and take control of situations. Also I enjoy being my own boss, in other words I don't like people telling me what to do. I work in a

Position paper on a class assigned reading - Born to be Good? I wrote in favor of the prospect that people are, in general born to be good.

844 words - 3 pages people just stand around while another person may be getting injured or killed. In her paper she says this is called the 'bystander effect', where people will not react because they are unsure about what they are seeing, and they conform to the behavior of others, who are equally unsure.I agree with her on many of her points. I think people are born with a certain ability to sense when others are suffering. It is only as we grow older we begin to

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Nanotechnology. I Wrote This For My American Literature Class. The Assignment Was Open Ended: To Write A Research Paper On Anything. I Chose Nanotechnology In General.

815 words - 3 pages ).         Another interesting nanomaterial is the self-assembling DNA motor. This structure assembles itself from a vial of proteins, sugars, and DNA/RNA fragments. Its is a nanoscopic two-fingered 'claw' or 'tweezers' with a motorlike structure in the center. It opens and closes when exposed to certain strands of DNA 'fuel' which both instruct the motor to close and supply the energy to do so. It currently takes 13 seconds for the claw to go from open to

This Is A College Essay I Wrote, Which Was Also For An English Class. It Was Overwhelming For Me So This Might Help Some People. Good Luck.

513 words - 2 pages to realize how much of an impact teachers have on kids. So I started to change my mind and was considering teaching as a possible career. Then it occurred to me, I wanted a job that benefits little children. As a teacher you do just that, but I wanted to do more; I wanted to be able to have a big impact in not only the child's life, but, also, in the child's family's life. That's when I decided on pursuing a pediatric career in a hospital.In

The Assignment Was To Write A Modest Proposal In The Style Of John Swift's Modest Proposal, And I Wrote About The College Application Process.

653 words - 3 pages be forced to demonstrate their individuality in essay form to be admitted to a university.Placing masses of young people into groups that cement them into certain academic and social brackets not only makes the entire process of search for and applying to a college easier, it also helps young people actively and responsibly plan their lives. If colleges accept only those applicants who correspond to their academic rank, job-seeking adults would

This Was In Response To A Creative Writing Assighnment Which Requested A Mythological Explanation For The Sundial.

730 words - 3 pages took pity on the people and told them what they must do. He said they must find the most diligent, honest, knowledgeable and wise man among them. However they had to do this in seven days to prove to the god Funkachunk their newfound work effect.Therefore an issue was immediately sent out throughout all of Woogiland for all the outstanding young men of their race to report to the royal palace for a competition. They then tested each and every man