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A Play That Comes To Life

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As Søren Kierkegaard once said, “Life can only be understood backwards, but it must be lived forward.” I agree with Kierkegaard because our lives reveal who we were through our past and who we can be in the future. Likewise, some directors base their plot on this principle, but through the use of plot devices. Through reading and actually going to see the live play production of The importance of Being Earnest at Savanna’s Children Theater, I was able to get an understanding of the characters, hearing the dialogue and seeing their interactions. However, through watching the movie, the character’s personality was better understood through the use of plot devices. The criteria that seems ...view middle of the document...

In the movie, the director portrays this scene to be gloomier than the play suggests. In the flashback scene, it is dark and raining. The darkness and rain suggests that the night Jack was placed in a handbag was a melancholy night that would significantly affect Jacks life in the future. Additionally, the scene provokes emotion because the baby was crying. The baby crying signifies that Jack was lonely on the night he was left in the handbag. The movie’s use of flashback is significant because it allows the audience to understand Jack, one of the main characters who was found in the handbag. The handbag scene in the movie increases the impact that Jack’s character is based on not knowing who he is in the aspect of where he came from. This flashback scene is also important because it is the key factor that helped Jack to determine his roots and the fact that his name really is Earnest.
The director also enhances the movie by allowing the characters to day dream, which adds more complexity and dimensions to the character. In the movie, Cecily daydreams when she meets Algernon where he is a knight on horse back. She visualizes him as her knight in shining armor. This scene in the movie allows the audience to see that Cecily is a dreamer in the aspect of not being a realistic character. Cecily, in the movie, matches up to the character in the play because the play allows you to hear her unrealistic dialogue. In the play, it can be inferred that Cecily is unrealistic in her response when Algernon tells Cecily that he loves her. In Act 2, Cecily says “You silly boy! Of course. Why, we have been engaged for the last three months” (Wilde 1449). Algernon is not aware of being engaged, which is...

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