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A Plot For A New Tv Series About 3 Young Boys In The 1950's.

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Boy's Will be BoysBoy's Will be Boys is a drama/comedy about three young teenage boys growing up in homes where their family didn't really seem too much like a family to them. They have three common qualities that brought them together as friends and grew their relationships into a family. They all like to cause trouble, pick up girls, and most of all, humiliate the "jocks" of the town who have been picking on them for years. The program takes place in the 1950s at a small town in Iowa.The first of the three boys is Buckley. Buck is 14 years old. He comes from a very poor family and lives only with his mom in a trashy trailer home. Buck had an older brother who died from choking on his own vomit. Buck was only 10 years old when this happened, and dreams about it occasionally and shows how much he misses his brother; the only father like figure he had in his life. Physically Buck is fit and naturally a strong young man. He owns only two t-shirts and one pair of jeans that are quite dirty at most times. His mother is an alcoholic who works at the grocery store and lets the three boys steal from it as often as they want. Buck's whole life as a student has been terrible because of the "jocks" hazing him day in and day out."The next boy is Herbert. Herbert is 13 years old and it only takes one word to describe his appearance: Geek. He is not athletic, wears big thick glasses and jeans hiked up to his belly button. His parents are very protective of him and he never had a lot of friends. His dad is a scientist and his mother does not work. There is also a younger sister of Herb's who is the most annoying thing in the world. Herb's main goal in life is to hook up with Danielle Dibble, the most beautiful girl in their school.Joey is the last of the three boys; he is 14 years and is more or less the "leader of the group." He comes from an extremely wealthy family and moved into town when he was 13. His father owns a big business and his mother likes to shop and spend all of the money they make. Joey is a "ladies man": good-looking and smooth-talking. His parents were never around when he was a child, and with no brothers or sisters, Joey never had a family life when he needed one the most.The first episode of Boy's Will be Boys features the three boys in their homes and how they relate to their families. Buck will be shown trying to get his mother up for work after she's been drinking all night. Joey will be shown making his own breakfast while his parents argue with each other about money. Herb's family will be trying to do everything for him like make his breakfast, help him get dressed and give him a lecture on how to protect himself at school from the bullies. They all met on Joey's fist day of school when Joey saw the "Jocks" picking on Herbert and Buck. Joey is afraid of nobody so he went up to bullies and started fighting them saving Buck and Herbert from getting humiliated once again. Together they build a tree fort in the woods and call it...

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