A Plus Essay: The Iron Mind: The Importance And Effect Of "Iron" In My Life. Perfect For College Students In English 111 Exp English

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As I look upon the annals of my life of 21 years, I see many thoughts,visions and ideas andevents of signifigance,some important,some superfluous and some profound.It is the latterim concerned with,for it is these events that characterize one`s personna, leaving a deepscar etched into the soul.The scar that gives me character is the Iron.To fully understand its impact,one must travel back in time a bit.A time before imet the Iron,a time not all that long ago.I was one of them.One of the many you see on aday to day basis.A person you couldnt pick out of a crowd.You may know the kind,paperthin,clothes hanging off,a product of imperfection,a product of mediocrity,like everyoneelse around me.Nothing is worse than being swallowed by the monster of insignificance. Ihad read about the Greek ideal.I was fascinated by the concept of a perfect body and aperfect mind meshed into one,harmonious entity.According to the Greeks,one depenededon the other and in order to function,both were needed.At this time,i was no David,nor aHercules,but i knew i could become my own sculptor and create a livingmasterpiece.Something that which no one can take away from me.Something that iearned.As quickly as my revelation of reinvention came about,i decided to put forth mygrand plan into action by joining a gym.It was there i was to meet the Iron for the veryfirst time.I slowly and languidly shuffled into the building unsure of what to expect.As Ientered, my nervousness peaked and thoughts of turning around and going home racedthrough my mind.The chamber i entered was dark and filled with apparatuses remiscent ofmedieval torture devices.And upon these device were huge men,pulling,pushing andscreaming.This was new to me.This seemed painful,and all my life i did my best to avoidpain,and now i realized i had to deal with it.Already the Iron was teaching me.After a few years i was engrossed in the lessons of the Iron.It took me a long timeto fully understand and appreciate the value of the Iron and its teachings.Lifiting used tobe about trying to lift what cannot be lifted,treating it as my adversary.What a mistake thatwas.When the Iron cannot be hoisted easily,that is just another lesson to be garnered.If theIron were to be lifted so easily,it wouldnt teach you anything.That is the way the Ironspeaks.It lets you know that the material you begin to work with, is the material you willbegin to resemble.That which you work against will always work against you. The Iron isa gift.I learned that nothing good comes without work and a degree of pain. When i finisha set that leaves me on the verge of life and death,i learn a little more about myself.Whenin my life something turns awry,i know it cant be as punishing as that workout. I used tofight the pain.Pain is never the enemy.With the Iron,one must deal with the pain andinterpret it. Most injuries involving the Iron come from ego. I once spent a few...


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1521 words - 7 pages of distraction or interruption that will get in the way of getting things done, or even get in your way of understanding something; For example, pets, emotion, attitude, and interest. Those are just a few of the many types of noise. Overall, I have learned so much in English 111 and I have really enjoyed being in your class. Everything I have learned will help stay with me in my continuing years of college. I hope I have proven to you that the things you taught actually did help, and I gained so much knowledge about myself as a writer and a communicator. Your lectures were very interesting and you made them pleasant to learn. Thank you for a great semester.

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774 words - 3 pages by the promise of seeing his friends but dreading another day of screaming teachers. Young children are forced to study, when they should be learning the invaluable lesson that school is fun. The English curriculum and teaching style does not cater for those children who are not strong in memorization techniques and handwriting. This also puts many children at a disadvantage, especially that large percentage of the population who do not reach

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