A Poem On Birds And Men

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Question 2 The speaker of this poem expresses his feelings about birds and men in every stanza. Using metaphors and dictions, he/she is able to put all that details in creating a masterpiece of nature and society to make up a poem as a whole. In the comparisons between nature and society, he finds nature more favorable than society.In the first stanza, the speaker illustrates his opinions on the characteristics of the birds on every line. The first line describes how birds start their mission at four o'clock. Here, the speaker views the birds as creatures that spring out at an early time. He feels that they are no indolent in doing their jobs. He is praising and admiring the birds for their daily routine. Second line shows that it is their morning time already. He feels that this certain time would be too early for humans. He favors the birds because they are ready for a new day everyday. A simile is used in lines 3-4 to show that the music of the birds is infinite. An implication of how humans can get tire of something real quick is shown on these two lines. In contrast, the birds will restlessly sing their songs, never getting tire of it. This music created by the birds at the same time creates a very warm and vivid feeling. This creation suggests its connection to bring froth the feeling of noon.In the second stanza, a metaphor is applied to depict the powers of the songs that the birds create. The songs of the birds are replaced with the word force. He feels that even though songs are abstract, it can actually create a concrete affect. This force then has the power to vibrate and shake itself on the brooks. This type of force is similar to the force where a loud noise can vibrate and crack the glass of a mirror. In turn, it shows how these melodious songs can be equally powerful as loud noises as well. This is also like a force where an army of cells multiplies at the pond. This depicts how these songs can have the ability to grow and expand in echo as cells grow and expand.In the third stanza, the speaker feels that men have forgotten about nature. He uses comparison between two types of people to show his feeling. He feels that there are no listeners of the songs of birds. People that live in the city and suburbs area, he believes, are too industrial-oriented. They either do not get the chance...

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