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A Poem That Flows Nicely And Is About Charlemagne. Charlemagne Was The First Holy Roman Emperor. This Poem Details His Life, Trumphs, Defeats, And Much More

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Charlemagne,Christianized and conquered the Saxon,All on his 30-year campaign,Determined to strengthen his realm, no relaxin',He organized all his conquests,By why each person should take,From arms, shields, hats, and vests,Along with the brisk marches they would make,With Europe's restored unity,There was more room for increase,And ultimately opportunity,Let's ...view middle of the document...

failed to loathe,Hunting, swimming, riding, and catching trout,Now for his dress,A dignified and polished chap,Never ever a mess,Sword girt, he wore, complete with golden strap,Standing a mile tall,He was a peaceful fellow,Using as a last resort, brawls,Could be fierce, could be mellow,Rather contradictory his character was,Princes forced to kneel before him,'Cept when his mother orders him, he does,Wanted to unify Europe, out of the dim,And into the light, where they were one,So anxious to get started,He soon begun,Not a journey for the fainthearted,So he sent out his missi dominici,To ensure proper order,And make sure things were just peachy,The missi dominici were like recorders,We all know Charlemagne is from France,Where they are all big on,Fairytale romance,I find it nothing more than a yawn,When Charlemagne died,He left behind, to his son Louis,His empire and pride,However, the son was a bit screwy,And the empire was subdued,So don't forget, just wait,We'll always remember you,Charles the Great!

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