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A Poet Protesting The Persecution Of The Palestinian People

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A Poet Protesting the Persecution of the Palestinian People

Poets from every part of the world from all times of history have written about the
issues of oppression and hardships of unfairness and discrimination. It is easy to find
writings and poetry by African Americans, Hispanics, Japanese, Chinese, and even
Native American poets. These nationalities are very well represented when it comes to
poets shouting of the unfair treatment of their ethnic group. However, to find poetry and
poets from an ethnic group such as the Palestinians or the Afghanis is not so common,
and it is usually these groups that need to be heard the most, because it is generally these
people who are being discriminated upon and treated unfairly by in their own people,
country, or region. Nevertheless, one poet from Palestine, Mahmud Darwish, has risen to
the challenge of strongly proclaiming about the unfair treatment that has fallen on the
Palestinian-Arab people. Many people may read his poems and believe that he is just
speaking of his life and everyday activities. However, rebuttals against the unfair
treatment of his people and of himself show up in his poems in both blunt and subtle
ways. In his poem “Identity Card” (see Appendix), Darwish portrays his life as a
Palestinian, but he is subtly and truthfully showing the history and background of the
Palestinian people, connecting the life and treatment of his people with his life, and
protesting the Israeli dominance of the Holy Land along with the help that the United
States gives them.

The book Peace, Justice and Reconciliation in the Arab-Israeli Conflict quotes a
commentary as saying, “If God is dead, as some people now claim, then he died trying to
find a just solution to the Arab-Israeli conflict” (Pratt et al. 3). In 1947, the United
Nations proposed that the country of Palestine be made into a place of refuge for Jews
who were treated poorly during World War II, as well as a place for Arabs (“Zionism”
923). However, when Palestine was made into a country known as “Israel” for the Jews
in 1948, conflicts between the Israelis and Palestinians began, and from the wars that
occurred, Israel obtained more land and the Palestinian-Arabs lost most of theirs
(“Zionism” 923). Before 1948, though, the land that is now known as “Israel,” but is still
referred to as “Palestine” by Palestinians, was inhabited by the Palestinian Arabs
(Nakhleh 33). On the other hand, after 1948, The New Encyclopædia Britannica reports
that not only did the land of Palestine become the new country of Israel, it also “became
an armed camp surrounded by hostile Arab nations and Palestinian ‘liberation’
organizations engaged in terrorism in and outside of [the land]” (“Zionism” 923).

Although there have been several major wars, the first one beginning in 1948, the years
which were supposedly times of peace “have been marked by terrorist attacks by
Palestinian guerrilla...

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