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A Poster Based On The Lady Of The House Of Love By Angela Carter

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I chose to do “The Lady of the House of Love” by Angela Carter for my poster (Carter). The audience for my poster are readers of young adult literature who have read stories about Vampire such as the Twilight Saga by Stephanie Meyers. This audience does not have a set age range, it includes readers of young adult literature of any age. Readers who enjoy this genre enjoy dark and complex paranormal characters. My design appeals to them through the use of dark colors, a simple design which leave a lot up to the imagination, and indications that there will be paranormal characters.
My poster explores the theme of beauty. The poster visually illustrates the contrasts about beauty which are made in the story. The perfectly smooth pale skin, the black pointed and sharp nails, and the intense red rose are all at odds with each other. Red roses are a symbol of ideal beauty in The Lady of the House of Love, and they are a metaphor for the Countess who seems to embody every beauty ideal. She is so perfectly beautiful, she seems unreal and creepy. The roses are also described being a bit beautiful but surreal are said to have a “corrupt sweetness” (98). The source of the Countess' beauty is that she is vampire and the source of the rose' beauty is the rotting corpses of the Countess' victims which fertilize them. The sources of both the Countess' and the roses' beauty is corrupt. Physically, only the Countess' sharp nails, sharp teeth, and eye defect give clear indications that she is a vampire. Out of the three features, the sharp nails were the easiest to illustrate. Without the sharp black nails, viewers of my poster may not immediately understand that the lady of the house of love is a vampire.
I used a black background in my poster to give the feeling that although the rose and the lady's hand are beautiful, they are both dark in nature. To make the image, I paid my sister with chocolate to be my hand model. I sharpened fake nail tips to a point and halfway through...

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