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A Power From Within Essay

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In the world we live in today, we may question how good is powerful anymore. Looking back, it’s hard to see when good was ever truly triumphing over evil. In Book IV of Boethius’ Consolation of Philosophy, Lady Philosophy claims that, “the good are always powerful and the evil are weak and futile.” If you look at the world around us, that statement is unfortunately a bit laughable. But you have to look a little closer – what is this type of power? Is the power that one of goodness contains different than our materialistic, tangible pre-conceived definition of power? What are the struggles that make them powerful and triumphant? Looking back on human history, what acts were ultimately deemed triumphant – acts of evil, or acts of goodness?

The definition and the way we see power is interpreted differently by everyone, and is probably why this topic is very controversial. What is power? What type of power is possessed by good, versus the power possessed by evil? While I agree that good is powerful and evil is weak, some may struggle to see how. Evil is everywhere. Good seems to have a silent voice to which people pay no mind. It is hard to be good. It has always been hard to be good. The good are persecuted and it often seems evil always triumphs. But you must look at the life of a good person – they struggle through the snares and jeers of their peers, coaxing them to give in to what’s ‘cool’ and ‘normal’. Good people are constantly bullied and put down because the choices they make are not of the ‘norm’ today. Those who give in to evil are the weak ones. While evil may stand together to make a seemingly strong army, it is the few people of goodness standing alone that are the people of power. They are people of strength, of courage, of brevity, of power. They are not weak and broken down, becoming just another person giving in because they weren’t strong enough to stand on their own two feet. That is what makes good, a nation of power. The struggles and hardships of being a good person are what make the outnumbered population stronger than the thousands of people too weak to say, “no, I will not give in.”

Everywhere you look, it seems bad is glorified and triumphed, while good is ignored and laughed upon. One of the things that make good people so powerful are the challenges they face. In the world today, bad people and bad acts are glorified on the cover of magazines, all over television, and on the Internet. The voice of evil is always heard, and the voices of those who are good are always ignored and forgotten. Unfortunately now, more than ever, evil has a larger, stronger, louder agenda, which is easy to follow if you are weak and futile. While the evil in this world may seem to be overpowering the good, the struggles of being good are undermined, which is one of the reasons why the good are far more powerful than evil. Despite the magnitude and actions posed by evil everywhere today, it is the good people that withstand the pressure and...

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