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The novel "A Prayer For Owen Meany" provides humanity with a role model for moral and ethical behaviour. Morals pertain to right and wrong conduct or behaviour.Ethics are morals or rules of conduct. This essay will show how its main character Owen Meany demonstrates courage, love, friendship, and a belief in God which affects the events which occur during his brief lifetime. The first lines of the book demonstrate the power that Owen Meany had over his friend, John Wheelwright. "I am a Christian because of Owen Meany."(John Irving , 1) This strong statement declared John's Christ like beliefs were because of Owen. Christ led a life of helping others and died a hero. Owen died a hero by sacrificing his life for the innocent people around him. Owen had a strange premonition and feeling that death would come as soon he completed his work on earth, and even prepared his own tombstone. Christ is often regarded as the greatest role model for moral and ethical behaviour that mankind has had. Owen felt he was sent by God for the same reasons. In chapter seven, "THE DREAM" Owen directly states to John that he is God's instrument. " I AM GODS INSTRUMENT." ( 337) , an instrument being as close to the ultimate role model of God himself. In this novel John Wheelwright traces his life and friendship with his best friend Owen Meany from childhood to their early years of adulthood. Owen Meany is first presented in chapter one , "The Foul Ball", as a small human being, naive with a high pitched voice, light as a feather and possessing a caring heart.Owen proved to be the perfect role model with his simple actions of kindness and caring throughout the book. Even when he spoke throughout the book the print appeared larger than others. " I'M SORRY."(35) "WELL, I'VE BEEN THINKING."(78) Although physically small, Owen appeared larger than life itself. John Wheelwright learned many things from his friend Owen. John was a very weak and insecure person. He was always amazed at how such a small person as Owen could affect him as well as others to such a degree. " God knows, Owen gave me more than he ever took from me." Probably the worst unforgettable moment for Owen and John was when a foul baseball strikes John's mother Tabitha in the head and kills her. Owen relives this moment over and over again. This is probably where he first realizes that throughout his life he must perform meaningful and righteous acts for his dear friend John. Owen gives John his prized baseball card collection and John gives Owen his pet armadillo following Tabitha's death. Owen removes the armadillo's claws and returns it to John which symbolizes that he felt truly sorry that his hands could be that powerful...

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A Prayer for Owen Meany Essay

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A Prayer For Owen Meany Essay

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