A Presidential Look: John Adams The Only Federalist President This Is A Paper About The Presidency Of John Adams. It Covers His Economic, Foreign, And Domestic Policies

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Matthew HelmA Presidential Look:John Adams - The Only Federalist PresidentJohn Adams was the second president of the United States of America. Over his term as president, Adams had to deal with many conflicts centered on the political climate, the economy, and foreign and domestic affairs.During the presidential campaign of 1796, Adams was the presidential candidate of the Federalist Party with Thomas Pinckney as the second most popular Federalist. Their opponents were former Secretary of State Thomas Jefferson and Senator Aaron Burr on the Democratic-Republican ticket. Although most Federalists would have preferred Alexander Hamilton to be a candidate, they supported Adams all the same. In the end, Adams won and became President and Jefferson became Vice President. It was the first and only election to elect a President and Vice President from opposing tickets. The presence of a Democratic-Republican so high up in the Adams administration made it difficult at times for the president to promote his Federalist agenda and was the beginning of many conflicts.In an era of peace, a president with Adams' view of the office might have enjoyed a tranquil four years. However, from the start, the presidency of John Adams was dominated not by tranquility, but by a single issue that threatened to destroy the Union before the end of its first decade. It was fortunate for the nation, and for Adams' claim to presidential great-ness, that this single issue concerned foreign policy, the area in which the president had the most independent authority and the one for which Adams was best prepared for by experience. This issue was France.In 1796, Paris ended all diplomatic relations with the United States in response to Jay's Treaty of the previous year. Having expected the United States to uphold the Franco-American alliance of 1778, France was stunned when President Washington issued the Neutrality Proclamation, thus staying out of the French and British War. France was further stunned and angered when Jay's Treaty normalized relations with Britain (Akers 7). The French navy began to seize hundreds of American ships and millions of dollars worth of cargo without cause or compensation.As Adams took office, he had to pick up the pieces of Washington's shattered neutrality policy. Adams pledged a "fresh attempt at negotiations" and a willingness to correct any real wrong that was done to France and he recommended the building of a navy as the first line of defense and the expansion of the armed forces to protect the long coastline against French raiding parties (Akers 8). President Adams sent a diplomatic delegation (Charles Cotesworth Pinckney, John Marshall, and Elbridge Gerry) to Paris in 1797 to negotiate peace. Three French agents, Jean Conrad Hottinguer, Pierre Bellamy, and Lucien Hauteval, demanded a large cash bribe for the delegation to speak to French foreign minister Charles Maurice de Talleyrand-Périgord, a huge loan to help fund the French wars as...

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1320 words - 5 pages live in the White House and is considered as one of the early campaigners of the women's liberation movement. Abigail and John had four children. She was the only First Lady to have one of her sons become President. In 1775 Adams was acting out his political accomplishments. He began to publish a series of newspaper essays entitled, "Dissertation on Canon and Feudal Law." The Stamp Act became public before he concluded his essays so he used the

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1495 words - 6 pages they would not even speak with them and the Americans refused.This became known as the XYZ affair. The French attacks on American shipping and this affair brought about a negative view of the French in the eyes of some Americans . Many Congress members wanted to go to war with France. John Adams believed that the only way to be able to have peace is if the United States was seen as a strong government. He signed the Alien and Sedition Acts in

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1857 words - 7 pages . Without his efforts and contributions to the formation of this country, the United States wouldn't have developed into the glorious country that it is today. Works Cited 1. American Presidents. "John Adams." C-SPAN. Nov. 2005. 21 Nov. 2005. 2. Calhoon, Robert M. "Adams, John." Microsoft Encarta. CD-ROM. Funk & Wagnalls Corporation: New York, NY, 1994. 3. Presidential Health. "President John Adams." Doctor Zebra. 13 Dec. 2003. 17 Oct

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1359 words - 5 pages marriage to Abigail Adams is one of the most moving love stories in American history. David McCullough’s John Adams is about his career, life and relationships. It is a riveting portrait about a man of his time. This book provides extraordinary access to the private lives of John and Abigail Adams, and makes it possible to know John Adams as no other major American of his founding era. John Adams was written from personal letters between Abigail and

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975 words - 4 pages , and even took the presidential seat himself for a term between 1797 and 1801. He had many titles, such as "New England's Revolutionary Leader", "The Atlas of American Independence", and even plain old "Radical". Without Adams, this country would not be what it is today.As the five chosen members of the declaration writing committee (Jefferson, Adams, Franklin, Livingston and Sherman), they first had to decide on who would write it. At first

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1552 words - 6 pages , he and Henry Clay set up a new party ? National Republican Party, but it never took root in the states. In addition, he signed into law the highly unpopular Tariff of 1828 (also known as the Tariff of Abominations), thereby compromising his chances of getting anything done during his presidency. From my opinion, John Adams was neither dictatorial in his conduct, nor imperial in his policies. He appeared to have had the interest of the common

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624 words - 2 pages John Adams, I believe, was the most Independent of them all. Adams once said "I must be independent as a man" and that he was. Adams' Independence, I believe, was too much that it got him in trouble. He would fight before he would give in. People would call him "the atlas of independence". He didn't want to write the constitution because he said he didn't have enough time. When Adams was elected president of the United States he seemed to take

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1582 words - 6 pages John Quincy Adams John Quincy Adams was the only son of a president to become president. He had an impressive political background that began at the age of fourteen. He was an intelligent and industrious individual. He was a man of strong character and high principles. By all account, his presidency should have been a huge success, yet it wasn't. John Quincy Adams' presidency was frustrating and judged a failure because of the scandal

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882 words - 4 pages the French in 1908. When John Quincy had to say something about a certain subject he said it, no matter what his peers said. John Quincy had a big role in the problem with foreign policies. Great Britain seized many of our ships and cargoes, the Federalist merchants that were attacked said we should end this by appeasement, or satisfying them. Many people agreed with this idea. John Quincy did not, instead of those actions the Federalists

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977 words - 4 pages , comparatively little is known about John's mother, Susanna Boylston Adams. She was known to have a fiery temper. She remarried in 1766 to Lt. John Hall. Apparently, John did not get along with his stepfather. Susanna Adams died in 1797, while John was serving his first year as President.John had two younger brothers, Peter and Elihu. John Adams was the second cousin of Samuel Adams, fellow revolutionary and John was the third cousin to his future wife

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816 words - 3 pages . Some little known facts about John, his family, and his life are. Did you know that John became a government official to France? Or that he and his son John Quincy Adams were the only father and son to both become president until 2000? There is one more very interesting fact that I would like to share with you, this fact is that John Adams and Samuel Adams were cousins!!!!!!!!! Can you believe that? I learned a lot of facts that I had no idea about. If anyone were to ask me about John Adams I would be thrilled to tell about him and his life. God gave John Adams a great communication gift which allowed him to be so great in everything that he did.

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1879 words - 8 pages , which was publicized in Philadelphia during his presidency, continually heaped abuse upon Adams. They claimed that he was all words, but no action. Most of the country felt this way about him when it came to the issue with the war with France. John Adams was not a very popular president of his time. John Adams was born in the village of Braintree near Boston on October 19,1735.(Ellis) Who would have thought that this farm boy would grow up to

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2168 words - 9 pages environment, he was still active and well informed about the development of this young nation. When his eldest son, John Quincy Adams, was elected for president in 1824, his only goal in life was to hear the national song in the 50th independent day celebration. He fought bitterly just to achieve this goal. He fell into a coma and awakens just to say, “Thomas Jefferson survives.” He died in July 4, 1826. Ironically Thomas Jefferson also died earlier in