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A Prisoner's Friend [A Loki Fan Fiction]

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Closing her eyes, Alison inhaled, concentrating; feeling the all-too-familiar sensation of passing through and emerging from a wall of water, she opened her eyes. She was no longer in her chambers; rather she was on a rocky crater, devoid of any life except for her and another. A few feet away the Other stood. Though the shadow from his hooded-cape hid his face, she could tell that he was even less pleased with her than usual.
"You have not been reporting regularly," he hissed.
"I apologize, things have been busy now that Frigga has been taking notice of me," she replied.
"What could be more important than the task he set before you?"
"Nothing, I just do not wish to raise suspicion. It would be fairly obvious that something is off if I were to suddenly go into a self-induced trance in public."
"Is that all? We were beginning to think that you were losing conviction," she had to refrain from ...view middle of the document...

"Loki?" His lipless mouth curled into a cruel grin, "you have done well."
'Thank you," she gave him a short nod.

Alison's head snapped back, painfully, as she emerged from her trance; entering was a lot nicer than leaving. She glanced at the clock in the room; though it had felt like an eternity, talking to the Other had only taken a few minutes. Jumping up, she began neatening her hair, she would have to feed the prisoners in hardly a quarter-hour.

It was all she could do not to tell Loki about what had transpired during her talk with the Other. Though she had a feeling that he knew something was amiss.
"Are you okay, Alison?" He asked as she gave him his food.
"Yeah, just fell asleep and had a nightmare, is all," she told him.
"What was it about?," he asked.
"Nothing much, why?"
"There is hardly anything to do locked up in here," he gestured to his cell.
"Oh, I nearly forgot! Lady Frigga asked me to give you this when I was speaking with her this morning," she slipped a thin book into his cell.
"Pride and Prejudice, by Jane Austin," he raised an eyebrow. The book wasn't Asgardian in origin.
"It's a Midgardian romance novel," she told him, "she's been sending you a lot of those recently, hasn't she?"
"Mother," he muttered, facepalming.
"You never struck me as a romance lover," she grinned, a mishievous glint in her grey eyes, "I guess you learn something new everyday!"
"I never struck you as one because I am not one,"
"Sure you aren't." He closed his eyes, he had a feeling that she wouldn't be letting it go anytime soon.
"I am not, I have actually grown to detest them!"
"So you liked them at one point?"
"Very few are worth reading and they are all predictable,"
"Hey! Just because you might be smarter than us doesn't give you the right to be arrogant!"
"And why not?"
"Because it's rude"
"And what if I don't care if I'm rude?" He challenged her,
"Then your an idiot,"
"That's not rude at all!" He said, his voice laced with sarcasm.
"You'd have to be an idiot to intentionally do something so likely to gain you an enemy," Alison shrugged.

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