A Prisoner Should Be Let Out Unless They Have A Job To Go To

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AbstractThere have been many views that whether a prisoner should be let out unless they have a job to go to. Based on approving the idea, this article will discuss the relationship between criminals' behaviour change and job, introduce the affects of working when the criminals are let out of prison. And also a new rule of the punishment for criminals will be proposed to avoid people who are let out of prison committing crimes again.Keywords: crime, unemployment, family, environment, Punitive Financial CompensationIntroductionEx-criminal's work seeking is a serious problem for not only the citizens but also the government. What the criminals do after serving the punishment in prison has been concerned widely. So there is the opinion that people should not be allowed out of prison, unless they have a job to go to. I think this is quite right and I totally agree. Some criminals still commit crimes after serving the punishment in prison. Unemployment seems to be one of the most important reasons. This article will show the reasons and also produce some personal views about the effects of a job for them, such as the relationships of the job and themselves, their careers, their families, the government and society.The Main ReasonsThere are four reasons:Firstly, a job can keep these people's mind and hands busy to prevent them from thinking about and committing crimes again. As we all know, unemployment is one of the most important reasons of the crime. 70% of convicted criminals in UK are unemployed when they offend. [1] If they have no job when they are out of prison, they may be back to the situations which lead them to commit crimes in the beginning; in that case it is entirely possible for them to commit crimes again. For instance, some drug dealers may go back to their "business" after they serve their punishment in prison, because of unemployment or laziness. Home Office statistics in the early 1990s showed that 54% of released prisoners and 47% were convicted again for crimes within two years. And most of them are unemployed. [1]Secondly, these people need to have a new start after their punishment in prison. When they are let out of prison, they need money to support themselves, so they must do some work to earn money. Furthermore, a new career may boost these people's enthusiasm for life and society. On one hand, a nice working environment may change their ways of thinking and behaving. They could meet many other citizens and learn from them, and hence gain trust and confidence in themselves. On the other hand, if they work hard, they could have a bright future career, and then contribute to society. There are many successful men had been sent into prison, such as the famous boxing agent - King.Thirdly, a job could improve the relationships between these people and their families. If they have a job when they are let out of prison, they can earn money for themselves, and will not make the extra burdens of economic for the family. After living...

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