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A Pro Choice Controversial Paper On Abortion

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Keeping Abortions LegalThe purpose of this paper is to attempt to show the reader the importance, as wellas the benefits of keeping abortions legal. Abortion is a right, not a privilege but anti-abortionistsare slowly turning it to one. Many issues on abortion started to rise as soon a George W. Bushcame into office just a year ago. "President Bush has frequently sided with abortion opponentssince taking office (" Pro-lifers have avidly taken advantage of thistime to go against abortion. My position in this controversy, as you can see, is for abortion. Ibelive that deciding whether to have an abortion or not is very personal and the decision shouldbe left up to the woman and her doctor. The government should not have such a strong of aninput in a woman's private matter.The first major reason for my feelings towards this issue is this country's fundamentalvalues. This is supposed to be a free country, full of liberty and, "At the heart of liberty is theright to define one's own concept of existence, of meaning, of the universe, and of the mystery ofhuman life. Beliefs about these matters could not the attributes of personhood were they formedunder compulsion of the state (Roe v. Wade)." Nobody, not even Congress, has the right todecide where life begins, whether during conception or birth. I do not believe that the governmentshould be able to intrude into a matter so deeply affecting a person as the decision to have or nothave a child. The ability of women to hold this option has led to woman's ability to control andmake their lives easier. Since 1965 the number of women in the U.S. labor force has more thandoubled. Women being able to contribute to their family income or make their own money hasgiven women a great independence compared to the olden days where women had to look for themen of their families for financial support. Thirdly is the children suffering from their mothersunwanted pregnancy. If safe and legal abortions were not accessible, more women would undergounwanted childbearing. Mothers that have unwanted children suffer with more depression and areless happy than mothers with wanted births, thus affecting the entire family.The mothers are more likely to physically and emotionally abuse not only her unwanted child, butalso her other children("The health and well being of women sufferthe most in states that have the most stringent anti-abortion laws ("Finally, the abortion procedures are actually very safe. They are twice as safe as taking penicillin,and 30 times safer than carrying a baby to term( I think that peoplebelieve that abortions are unsafe because of all the stories they hear about illeagal abortions since1965 which caused the deaths of about 5000 women yearly( This only happenedbecause the people that were performing these procedures were untrained people looking to makesome easy money. Now more than half of...

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