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A Probabilistic Location Model For An Emergency Medical Service System

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Locating emergency service facilities is an interesting problem. Planners do not know definitely, where emergencies will take place and, consequently, struggle to find a location that proficiently ensures the risk of poor service to any specific emergency is minimized. This paper is concerned with the formulation and the solution of a probabilistic model for determining the optimal location of emergency medical services (EMS) that supports servicing patients from different demand points in its area, as well as transportation costs, capacities of service stations, outsourcing costs and probabilities. In this regard, we propose a mixed integer non-linear programming (MINLP) model and solve the represented model by means both exact and Meta heuristic solution approaches. Then we will assess the performnace of our Meta-heuristic algorithm in contrast with the outputs from the exact solution approach.
Over the last 100 years, quality of life and human continued existence have improved in most of the mechanized world because of progresses in human health. We have promoted from reduced exposure to disease, and developed treatments that reduce the consequences of exposed disease. Nevertheless, individuals continue to suffer because they do not have access to appropriate healthcare, or since healthcare is provided in a way that is bewildering or inefficient. Consequently, there exists a large gap between the science and the practice of healthcare.
This study is dedicated to enlightening healthcare through reducing the delays experienced by patients. One aspect of this objective is to help improving the flow of patients with the purpose of reduce experiencing unnecessary waits as they flow through a healthcare system. Another aspect is ensuring that services are thoroughly synchronized with patterns of patient demand. One of the other aspects of our study is ensuring that ancillary services, such as housekeeping and transportation, are completely synchronized with direct patient care. Experience shows that operative management of healthcare delays can produce intense improvements in medical results, patient satisfaction, and access to service, while also reducing the cost of healthcare.
Health care is the field concerned with the maintenance or restoration of the health of the body or mind (Berger, 2008). Healthcare systems are progressively transitioning into one in which good evidence is available and used in order to stimulate operative performance by healthcare providers and organizations. Management by tradition is accompanied by management based on evidence. Extended government and foundation support for health services research, and the institutionalization of health services research as an occupation, reflect and reinforce this remarkable and necessary transformation of the health care system. The transformation is fueled by the realization that the status quo in health care management is not acceptable. Evidence of patient safety problems...

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