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A Problem In The World Essay

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What if we lived in a perfect world? What if everything worked perfectly and there were no problems? Well, it can’t be that way; it’s highly unlikely. There are countless problems in the world we know and love. Some are gigantic, some are smaller, but we still have problems. It is the human nature. One of the problems in this world is the influence that is given to teenagers; and there is a possible solution to these problem.

Society gives all kinds of teenagers the wrong idea and image; and one of those is the body image that is given to teenage girls and how that influences them to think of themselves as “fat” or “ugly”. It also gives teenage girls the idea to wear very revealing clothing. There are so many teenage girls in our generation that are trying to lose weight when they think they are fat and they really aren’t. That is what leads to anorexia and problems that can’t be fixed. Debra Ferreday of Lancaster University says: “My argument draws on feminist work on figuration and ‘body image’ to discuss how the anorexic body becomes a figure of abjection, both in media images and in popular feminist discourse” Society tells girls that they should be ‘perfect’ and be a size zero. It gives the wrong idea to many girls which leads to insecurity and anorexia. Nobody should have to suffer living like that. The solution to this problem is simple: To tell girls to not listen what society says because it is wrong.

Most teens these days don't understand what can hurt them and that brings us to our next topic, the influence that drugs and alcohol give to teens. Teens think it is ‘cool’ to take drugs because everyone is doing it. They also think that they will only do it once and that it won't impact their lives on so many levels. Drugs can impact friends, family and many other things in a teens life, let alone themselves. “When asked to estimate how many were involved, these teens reported that about 17 percent of students -- roughly 2.8 million -- are abusing drugs during the school day, according to the survey.” (Amanda Gardner) Drugs are becoming the center of some teenagers lives, basically ruining them. The schools do teach about drugs in school, but it...

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