A Career As A Nascar Driver

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NASCAR is a multibillion dollar family owned and operated sports industry. It was founded by Bill France, Sr. in 1947-48. From 1947-48 NASCAR has changed and developed throughout the years. Having a career as a NASCAR driver and racing competitively can be the best thing for a person who loves to drive fast.7 Of course, to become a driver for the National Association of Stock Car Auto Racing, you would have to start from the bottom and work your way up to professional racing. 1 NASCAR is my favorite professional sport. 1 I want to become a NASCAR driver because I love the sport and everything about it.
2 NASCAR got its start from back in the days of the prohibition, which happened during the 1920’s and ended in 1930. 2 Moonshiners would race each other to see how much faster their car was compared to the others. Today, NASCAR is split into three different levels of racing; The Camping World Truck Series, The Nationwide Series, and the Sprint Cup Series. To become a NASCAR driver, they aren’t very many educational requirements. 5 All you need to do is graduate high school, but it is highly recommended that someone wishing to pursue a career as a driver in the sport has knowledge of the race car. 5 DHS doesn’t offer any classes specifically for NASCAR. 5 What DHS does offer though is the opportunity for you to enroll in automotive courses offered by the Kiamichi Technology Center. “You do need to take math in high school and complete specialized courses as you advance in your career. You’ll need to take these courses to get licensed in driving high-speed cars and then to keep your driving skills up to speed and up to date (John par. 5).” 6 The University of Technical Institute has a great course for someone hoping to start a career in NASCAR. 6 To graduate and obtain a certificate, an individual must complete a 15 week training course specifically set up by the university.
As a NASCAR driver, you are faced with many responsibilities and a lot of skill. 3/ 10 A NASCAR driver must be able to understand the needs of the race car and also control the car at a high rate of speed. 3/ 10 Stock car drivers have to make split second decisions behind the wheel and they also have to work on communicating with their race team.10 “Driving a race car requires quick reflexes, which improve with practice (Nelson 112).” Responsibilities consist of much more than just driving a race car at 150-200 mph around a race track. 3 Drivers attend events put on by their sponsor. 3 To stay at peak performance and perform at a high level, drivers stay in shape physically and mentally. 3 Drivers have to stay mentally in shape because it takes a lot out of someone to concentrate on driving extremely fast for 3 to 4 hours constantly. “If your concentration is on the right thing, it is of great value to you in sports and most other activities (Nelson 63).” 3 Stock car drivers also must stay in physical shape because when you’re in shape, you have better...

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