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A Program Directed At Afrincan American Youth In New Orleans Critiqued

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Statistics About the Problem
Louisiana is a state that is known for its diverse population totaling 4,533,372 men women and children of all different races and ages. The age and race this paper pertains to is that ranging from the age of 15 to 24, and the race would be African American males.
According to latest statistical information approximately 334,987 African-American males between the ages of 15 and 24 live in the state of Louisiana which represents 7.3894% of the total African-American population, which is 1,452,396 African-Americans, residing the state of Louisiana (U.S. Census Bureau 2012).
According to the United States Department of Justice as March 2014 there are approximately 39398 prisoners ,statewide , in Louisiana prisons and of that number 26,776 of the inmates are classified as African-American, of that number 94.4% are African American males which accounts for 25,277 male inmates in prisons (Le Blanc June 30, 2013).
It has been said that, the etiology as it relates to African-American males, in the prison system, attended substandard schools that are not considered to be a safest environment, that the communities they grew up in are violent therefore, violence was witnessed on a day-to-day basis and it became a normal part of day-to-day life for these youth and they also became part of that cycle.
It has been suggested that the epidemiology of these African –American males, in a number of cases, having grown up in a single parent home with a mother present or even a maternal/paternal grandparent raising these youth, where the father was nowhere to be found or was an abusive or an uninterested parent the young men themselves turned to the streets for safety and solace.
Living this life has created a cycle of violence which can and has led to the use of illicit drugs as well as abuse of prescribed drugs. Literally 50% of all African-American males have been, are, or will be incarcerated over the course of their lifetime and another 50% will grow up with many of their male relatives going in and out of prison before they reach their 20th birthday, or will lose at least one immediate male family member to homicide ((BMBI) The Black Men & Boys Initiative 2012).
On average one out of every three African-American males, living in New Orleans, never finishes high school and what is even more shocking to learn is that the young men that can overcome the aforementioned barriers approximately, 70% of the African-American youth do earn a high school diploma or GED and strive for a better life, make conscious efforts, and fight to break the cycle of impoverishment that they grew up in.
They attempt to combat the stereotyping of African- American men from the closed minded general populous that is blaming the African-American male for the appalling circumstances in which many find themselves in. ((BMBI) The Black Men & Boys Initiative 2012).
Prior to the formation of the NOLA Playbook For Life it is believed to have cost the city...

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