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A Program Mission, Goal, And Objective For “ No Body Is Perfect, But Every Body Is Beautiful”

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Mission Statement
The mission of “NO body is perfect, but EVERY body is beautiful” is to provide a school health program and the resources necessary to aid female adolescents suffering from anorexia so that they may obtain optimum physically, emotionally, and psychologically health.

To reduce the incidence of anorexia nervosa by increasing self-esteem and positive self-image in the female youth populace of the United States.

Prior to the beginning of the program, every educator in the school system will be properly informed and trained to educate students about the new health promotion program.
Outcome (what): informed and trained to educate students
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Outcome (what): exemplify healthy nutritional choices
Priority Population (who): Home Economics teachers
Conditions (when): during the lesson plan
Criterion (how much): all

After participating in the “Inner Beauty” pageant, 75% of adolescent girls will value the importance of positive self-image and inner attributes through the practice of social skills and healthy life skills to build self-confidence.
Outcome (what): value the importance of positive self-image and inner attributes
Priority Population (who): adolescent girls
Conditions (when): after participating in the pageant
Criterion (how much): 75%

After the “Barbie is NOT Beauty” seminar workshop, 61% of young boys and girls will be able to distinguish and dispute the false societal definitions of beauty.
Outcome (what): distinguish and dispute the false societal definitions of beauty
Priority Population (who): young boys and girls
Conditions (when): After the seminar workshop
Criterion (how much): 61%

Skills Development
After the watching the video “Anorexia Athletica”, half of the students enrolled in Physical Education classes will be able to demonstrate how to safely engage in vigorous physical activity several times per week for a minimum of 20 minutes.
Outcome (what): demonstrate how to safely engage in vigorous physical activity
Priority Population (who): students in PE class
Conditions (when): after the watching the video
Criterion (how much): half of the students

By the second year of the program, 35% of students will significantly reduce their consumption of sugar-sweetened beverages, such as sodas and juices containing large amounts of high-fructose corn syrup.
Outcome (what): reduce their consumption of sugar-sweetened beverages
Priority Population (who): students
Conditions (when): by the second year
Criterion (how much): 35%

Impact – Behavioral
By the fourth year of the program, two out of three young female students will incorporate...

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