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A Progressive Regression On Modern Conveniences

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Since the beginning of time, humans have striven to advance and progress themselves. From Eli Whitney’s Cotton Gin to Josephine Cochran’s Automatic Dishwasher, technology has continued to improve the lives of humans worldwide. Inventions like the Kelvinator (an early model of the refrigerator) and William Cullen’s Freezer have brought stability and security to the lives of families.
These technological advances, and others like them, have been considered solely progress. However, progress is defined by Webster as: 1) a moving forward or onward 2) development 3) improvement. In reality, the changes brought about by technological advances cannot purely be called the progression of the human race. The human race may have gained much through these advances, but has not stopped to consider all that it has lost. Natural instincts to provide for ourselves have been lost. The ability to provide for ourselves, without the modern conveniences technology provides, has been lost.
As technology advanced, and modern conveniences gave life to easier and more stable environments, humans became less reliant on their own abilities, and more reliant on technology. Today, the majority of humans rely solely on Grocery stores, such as Wal-Mart, to obtain and provide for their essential needs. No hunting wild game, or gathering wild berries, or growing of one’s own food is necessary. It is no longer necessary to make one’s own soap, or homespun clothing. All of these necessities can be found at your friendly neighborhood Wal-Mart.
To view the regression in human abilities, one must look at the abilities of our ancestors.
Fifty years ago, grocery stores still sold food choices of a wide variety, and butcher’s shops offered a wide selection of meat products. However, people still relied on their own gardens to produce the needed vegetables. Clothing was...

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