A Proposal For Increasing The Rate Of Reading Habits

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Problem and Its Importance
Before describing the problem, I would like to mention the advantages of reading because if people realize the benefits of reading one book in a month, they begin to develop reading habits. First of all, reading is good for both human psychology and physiology. Psychologist Dr. Kalyoncu and neurologist Dr. Ovak states that reading increases the brain blood flow in addition to speeding up the brain’s metabolism and the electrical activity (64). They also point out that reading delays ageing and diseases such as Alzheimer, which stems from ageing as well. Other major advantages of reading are that our vocabulary gets richer; also we could learn different cultures, different lives and different perceptions by reading. A noted Professor AC Grayling says in a review of A History of Reading, “To read is to fly: it is to soar to a point of vantage which gives a view over wide terrains of history, human variety, ideas, shared experience and the fruits of many inquiries.” Yes, that’s right. We go on a journey without paying lots of money and carrying heavy suitcases, and we can go wherever we want simply by turning the pages of the book. Furthermore; we could become a knowledgeable and sophisticated person who could talk articulately and think creatively. Despite of all these benefits, reading culture in Turkey still hasn’t settled. You might be saying that this is already known by everybody. Yes, I have nothing to say about it. What I would like to point out is the low rate of reading habits at METU, whose mission is to educate scientists. According to a research done with university students which are from METU, Gazi University, Bilkent University and Başkent University; among 803 students, only two of them choose reading as their pastime occupation which counts for 0.25% (MEB). In addition to this data, I made a survey among 30 METU students to figure out that how many books they have read during the year. Here are the results:
 The 20% of the students doesn’t read any book throughout the year.
 The 50% of the students read 1-5 books in a year
 The remaining 30% ones read 6 or more books in one year.
Only 30% of the students read more than 5 books within the year, and there are still students who don’t read at all. This important problem should be solved immediately; otherwise, METU students won’t become a “scientist” as they should be.
This problem could be solved mainly by Presidency of METU cooperated with METU Library, but how? I have an answer! Before anything else, I want to explain how I found this solution. While I was observing people in my surroundings, I realized that they do something if they get concrete outcomes in response to do that, and I used this idea when I was shaping my proposal. That is to say, we should give something visible students if we want to boost the rate of reading at METU. There should be a particular certificate which is given students who read most at their...


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