A Proposal For Requesting Funding To Build A Park

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Serenity Park Grant Proposal

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March 13, 2004

Mr. Joe Brown
Hartley Foundation
123 Corporate Way
South Park, FL 32510

Dear Mr. Brown:

In response to your request, I am submitting this proposal to build a Serenity Park in the City of Springfield for our residents.

The Springfield Civil Engineering Committee hopes your Foundation will respond favorably to this effort to better serve the citizens of Springfield.


Samuel L. Jackson


The Springfield Civil Engineering Committee has found that our citizens are having considerable problems finding a safe, quiet place to relax. This problem has caused our citizens to be unduly tense and irritable. A research show that a serenity park will help reduce the tension and irritability our residents are experiencing and help to strengthen our sense of community.

It is proposed that the abandoned building and property on the corner of Bedrock Street be purchased and renovated into a park where citizens can congregate and relax in the downtown area. The City Recreation Department will supervise the proposed program, with requested funds totaling $60,881. Future maintenance of the project will be possible through appropriations from the City of Springfield, volunteer fund-raising efforts and income from the lease of the building for the coffee shop.


The proposed project is comprised of the following activities:

A.Soliciting bids for a coffee shop at the entrance of the park. We have solicited Starbuck's and Barnie's Coffee & Tea to open a small coffee shop in the park.

B.Repairs to the abandoned building on Bedrock Street. We will need to do minor repairs in order for one of these coffee shops to open in this location.

C.Purchase of equipment and supplies. The Engineering Committee has identified three vendors of park equipment in the Springfield area. Each of these vendors' submitted bids for the following...

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