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A Proposal For Signal Integrity Analysis And Design Methodologies Of Deep Sub Micron Cmos Vlsi Circuits

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The invention of bipolar transistor has brought a paradigm shift in the field of electrical engineering that gave a novice idea of monolithic integrated circuits in the year 1958 enabling integration of transistors onto silicon wafers (Large-scale-integration) and today tens of millions of transistors are integrated onto silicon chips (Very-large-scale-integration). With the introduction of Complementary metal oxide semiconductor field effect transistor (CMOS), there has been unprecedented growth of the semiconductor industry, with an enormous impact on the way of life [1]. Prior to the advent of integrated circuits, electronic circuits and systems were designed almost exclusively using discrete components, which increased the cost of an electronic system. Integrating multiple components onto a single chip has led to a proliferation of electronics, launching it into many new areas of technology and science [2]. In 1965 Gordon Moore, the silicon valley legend had perceived that the number of transistors on an integrated circuit would double every 18-24 months [2], which has come true as more than hundred million transistors are integrated as of 2010. Several science and engineering sectors like Digital signal processing, Communication, Image processing, Biotechnology use this technology as a remedial source of building and improving their applications to satisfy the needs of their target audience or consumers. The semiconductor industry has continued to make impressive improvements in achievable density of very large-scale integrated circuits [3]. In order to keep pace with the integration levels, design engineers have come forward with new methods and techniques to handle the increased complexity inherent in these large chips [3]. One such emerging methodology is system-on-chip (SoC) design, wherein predesigned and preverified logic blocks are merged on a single chip and other being Lab-on-chip (LoC) design [4], wherein miniaturized laboratory functions are integrated on a single chip. Not only complexity, there is also a requirement for portable systems in today’s market coursing the designers to scale the dimensions of a transistor (thereby accommodating more devices on a chip). And leading to the development of many miniaturized devices and products in our daily life. Today the universe is so small that we can travel anywhere, get in constant touch with our family and friends and have access to any information with this advancement. Sojourning from the Stone Age, the classical era to this information age, the digital era was not easy and thanks to the power of the human psyche and his intuition and story doesn’t stop there as the frequency at which the advancements were made, at the same frequency issues conflicting the sustenance of man-made innovations continued. The following sections would enumerate various issues of scaling in the battle for productivity and shorter time to market and outline some alternative methods that may assist in...

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