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A Proposal To Improve The Post Paid Bill System Of Grameen Phone

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1.0 Introduction
This report is a part of the course named Management Information System (MIS442). We are assigned it as a project report of this course. This report is prepared on the problem and solution formulation of the post-paid bill recording process of GrameenPhone.

1.1 Objectives
This project work is a material of the MIS442 course. This report has some important objectives as a course material. The objectives are as follows:
- To learn assessment and solution formulation process.
- To gather practical knowledge of Management Information System.
- To increase creativity on project report.
- To teach the risk measurement of a given solution.

1.2 Methodology

Visual basic and MS Project have been used as tools while making this report.

1.3 Description of GrameenPhone:

GrameenPhone (GP) launched its mobile phone services on March 26, 1997 and since then has become the largest mobile phone operator in the country. Its number of subscribers has grown rapidly, as has its coverage throughout the country. The aim of GrameenPhone is to provide affordable mobile telephone facilities in urban and rural areas of the country. By 2008, GP plans to bring the whole country under its coverage.

Market Share:

GrameenPhone is a joint venture company comprising of:
Telenor ? A state-owned telecommunication company from Norway. It has a long history of successful cooperation with other operators in Russia, Hungary, Montenegro, Ireland, Bangladesh, Greece, Germany, Germany, Australia, and Malaysia etc.
Grameen Telecom - A sister concern of Grameen Bank. It was established by Grameen Bank to organize and assist those Grameen bank borrowers who wish to retail telephone services in the rural areas.
Marubeni Corporation ? A leading investment and trading company from Japan.

Gonofone Development Corporation ? A New York-based telecommunication development company having investments in many companies in USA, Russia and other parts of Europe.

These four companies own shares of GrameenPhone in the following manner:

        Percentage of share
Grameen Telecom
Marubeni Corporation

Recently Telenor has stepped up its ownership in GrameenPhone After Marubeni Corporation sold its 9.50 percent shares to the incumbent partners. The Japanese trading company has made US$ 20,736,000 out of the deal. Telenor has paid $9.72 million to acquire 4.50 percent of Marubeni?s 9.50 percent shares. This acquisition has elevated Telenor?s ownership from 51 percent to 55.50 percent in the country?s leading mobile operator, according to Telenor?s third quarter annual report published recently. Grameen Telecom, the second-highest shareholder with 35 percent stake, has acquired additional three percent shares and paid $6.48 million to its outgoing Japanese partner. US-based Gonofone, the 4.50 percent partner in GrameenPhone, is buying the last segment of two percent...

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