A Proposal To Prevent Global Warming

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We humans cannot help but feel a twinge of regret when we contemplate how we brought forth the plague of global warming by our own hands in the passing years. Aside from rising sea levels as deluging coastal cities and depleting ozone layers as increasing cancer rates, we inevitably come face to face with one simple realization: it’s getting too hot in here. Moreover, we have been devastated by various extremes of nature, with spring frost storms and summer hurricanes arriving with increasing frequency. However, numerous though the causes of global warming may be, the general consensus is that carbon dioxide, which results from the burning of fuels such as coal, is the main culprit; this gas has now formed a high concentration blockade in the atmosphere, preventing heat from escaping and thus increasing the temperatures of our planet. Therefore, after assessing all facts of the problem, I humbly propose that we collect the CO2¬, compress it, and then place it into soda cans. Then, we shall store the soda cans underground, whence the CO2 originally came.
First of all, I can assure everyone of the feasibility of this marvelous plan despite the enormity of our rivals. I had recently learnt from the report of the Carbon Dioxide Information Analysis Center (CDIAC) that the world annual emission is about 30-billion tons of CO2, which volume I calculated to be 20-trillion cubic meters. However, those carbon dioxides in the form of solid after compression—dry ice, with the density that is almost 1000 times it was in gas—would only retain the size of only 20-billion cubic meters¬, which could be imaged as the room enclosed within 1000 football fields. Meanwhile, 8-trillion-ton coal production around the world opens up a vacuum of 10-trillion cubic meters underground annually. And, more importantly, we have been desolating those exhausted mines, which could potentially contain five-hundred-year carbon dioxide production, awaited to be destructed spontaneously at the very moment. Therefore, for the conservation of our spatial resources and for the deduction of Carbon dioxide, I suggest we fill those deserted mines with our cans of dry ice, which would simply solve all the problems for hundreds of years.
Not only solving the crisis we’re confronting, this “dry ice can” plan has much more emphatic long-term consideration, for further resource preservation and daily housing uses. As to its most known for, dry ice is an extreme efficacious substance when function as food-preservation refrigeration, for its ability to “flash freeze” any food by subjecting a temperature under water’s freezing point. On the other side, soda can containers would grant it with immense carrying convenience and possibility of restoration. Thus, undeniably, every reasonable household would derive the usage of dry ice can because of its effective and...

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