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A Proposal To Review How David Mc Clelland’s Need Theory And Manpower System Help Us To Motivate Our Staff

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A Proposal to Review How David McClelland’s Need Theory and Manpower System Help us to motivate our staff

In 21st century, because of the change in development, social progress and technological skills, therefore technologies in demand need to improve, including the needs of the development of different regions, so that many manufacturers must be need to raise their own competitiveness, For example including increase training opportunity, raising quality of product and higher efficiency works, so that they can enhance their own position and competitiveness in this industry. Also, they do not hope that their role and competitiveness were suffered .This document proposes about some of our potential problems in our organization. The proposed review will discuss some objectives or suggest in different ways to motivate and incentivize our staff. This proposal includes some plan of action to improve and raise our efficiency.

Statement of problem
Our company was founded since the 1960s, they are a total workforce of 85 in company. Some staff have worked here for many years, but they are complacent. As our company has 60 years of history in our industry, so our employees will feel the position of our company that is very strong, cannot be challenging for others, so that they feel that they do not need to make a change or raise their skill.
Also, we still have the same manpower system from 1960s to 21st century. Nowadays, we need to face different competitor around the world, we feel this system may be not inappropriate in this moment, we need to make some change and improve.
Recently, We also have some complaints about our service, such as late deliveries, poor workmanship and incorrect timber being used, the complaints were rise up to 12%, this shows that our quantities and service are falling. This reflects our internal problems, such as inadequate in communication and coordination between department to another department.
From the above analysis, we can find two issues to corollary some management issues,

First, we are lacking some sense of crisis, because they are very complacent, they are not the pursuit of progress, they are always to just focus themselves skill and knowledge, they do not need to study others skill and learn different knowledge to improve themselves competitive
Then, in the long time, they will be lose some sense of crisis and urgency. For example they will revel in their own merits and achievements among the deficiencies and shortcomings will not be traced. It will affect the operation of enterprises, so that the operation is not smooth, then there fault, failure, or even an accident, it may result to reduce the company's efficiency, reduced the company's competitiveness, thereby enabling the company backwards.
The second point, manpower system does not move with the times, we are still using the same manpower system, for the allocation of human resources, control and management that there are not enough. In...

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