A Proposed Method To Boost Sales By Designing A Website That Would Allow Buying And Selling Of Products

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Internet Communication Systems Inc (ICOMS) is a hardware reseller that provides networking equipment to small business, large corporations and home users. In the past, ICOMS has relied on already established clientele for sales of networking equipment. As new hardware resellers emerge, the competition for customers is very great. With only 5 offices nationwide, ICOMS is finding it hard to get new customers and clients. One huge disadvantage that ICOMS has is that other hardware resellers have a website that customers can buy or sell networking equipment without ever leaving their offices. This not only saves them on the overhead for locations, it also provides them with a huge market base- the internet.
In order for ICOMS to survive in this race, I propose that ICOMS design a website that would allow customers to view all of ICOMS store inventory and be able to order any product. I have looked at other websites of similar companies and I concluded that they all offer customers the ability to buy products. To give ICOMS an edge, I propose that the website be designed to integrate buying, selling, modification and customization of existing products by customers and the ability to make requests for special orders.
Although it may be expensive, I think it can be considered a worthwhile business expense that is necessary to ensure the future of the company.

1 The needs of the situation;
a. To build a website that will offer customers the ability to buy and sell networking equipment
2. Objective
a. To boost company sales by providing...

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