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A Proposal For An Update To The Original 'catch 22' Movie, With Budget Layout And Bibliography.

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'Catch-22' is a black comedy and was written in 1961 by American writer, Joseph Heller, and was set during the last year of World War Two on a small island called Corsica, west of Italy. The novel was then made into a movie in 1970, directed by Mike Nichols.

I will attempt to adapt the original story and modernise the achievements of the 1970 movie by setting this one on an aircraft carrier, south of Iraq, during the main bombing campaign of Baghdad in March/April 2003. This will bring the story right up to date and everyone knows about it as the war only happened two years ago. The film will open with the protagonist, Captain John Yossarian, sitting with his family at home. He awakens to find himself back in the infirmary of the aircraft carrier he his stationed on - the USS BUNKER HILL - faking the symptoms of liver disease. Yossarian, pilot and bombardier of a Tornado GR-4 fighter jet, is convinced that his crew mates have turned on him and want to kill him. He attempts to convince the ship's doctor that he should be grounded from flying due to insanity, but the doctor explains new regulations, called Catch-22, which state that if a man does not wish to fly a bombing campaign then that proves he is sane as he shows concern for his own personal safety. It is the men who agree to fly straight away that are the truly insane ones. And the only way to stay grounded is to ask, so therefore proving yourself sane and condemning you to more flights. When the liver disease plan fails, Yossarian tries to delay missions as much as possible by sabotaging the ship and giving the crew food poisoning, by avoiding authority and using the help of other crew members. This is gives the movie a light hearted humorous bulk in the middle which is easy to understand and laugh at, so therefore suitable for everyone from 12 years olds right up to the elderly. Although the humour may not really be complex enough for anyone older than 20 or so, the following action sequences and plot twists can be entertaining for the older age groups.

Eventually Yossarian ends up flying two missions. The first of which goes successfully but the second results in his wingman and friend, Kraft, being shot down just outside of Baghdad after bombing their target. This gives the film an almost 'Top Gun' feel for 2 or 3 scenes which would help in promotion, as long as it does not copy any ideas directly. Yossarian lead the dangerous mission and due to a failed run on the first attempt to bomb, they had to fly over the target a second time, in which Kraft attempts a difficult manoeuvre that would have removed all threat to them, and would have fully completed the mission but instead caused him to be shot down. Being the leader of the mission full blame is put on Yossarian. Kraft's lover, who is also on board the aircraft carrier, is distraught as she and Kraft had been together for many months and she fell deeply in love with him. She was posted there from Aldershot,...

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