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An Extended Version Of My Previous Essay About Sandra Schmirler

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There are not very many people who have not heard of the Sandra Schmirler foursome. They are the first ever Olympic gold medallists for the sport of women's curling. The team consists of Marcia Gudereit, Joan McCusker, Jan Betker, and Sandra Schmirler. This team has accomplished a lot through their ten years curling together. They have been three time Scott Champions in 1993, 1994, and 1997, three time World Champions 1993, 1994,and 1997, and Olympic Gold Champion in 1998. The member of the team are lead-Marcia Gudereit, second- Joan McCusker, third-Jan Betker, and skip- Sandra Schmirler.Marcia Gudereit was born on September 8, 1965, in her mother's hometown of Moose Jaw. Marcia was one of three children in the Schiml family, she has an older brother and a younger sister. She later moved to her dad's hometown of Avonlea, she lived her first three years there. The family later moved to Regina for about six months and then her father got another job in Hudson Bay. Marcia was involved in many activities in her school in her dad's hometown. That was the first school she attended. Later she moved on to the High School in Regina, where she graduated. Marcia was involved in many activities such as figure skating, volleyball, basketball, and badminton, and she was the only girl to play on her dad's mosquito league ball team. Even today Marcia and her husband still play a modified form of fastball with their friends. Marcia really enjoys playing sports, but there are many other things she enjoys as well. Right now Marcia works as a systems analyst at Co-Operators Life Insurance Company. When she is not busy at her job, some of her hobbies include playing with her kids, curling (of course), softball, cycling, running/walking, and reading.When Marcia was only nine years old her parents enrolled her into the Cordwood curling bonspiel in Hudson Bay; this was her first time ever on a sheet of curling ice, and her team won that bonspiel. From that day on Marcia knew she was fit for the game. Marcia's parents curled a lot when they were young and the tradition just carried on. She actually got started curling at the age of ten in Clemenceau, a small hamlet thirteen miles south of Hudson Bay, where there was a two sheet rink with natural ice. It soon became the Schiml family's home club. "She was an outgoing kid who tried to get involved in as much as she could, she was even a bit of a tomboy when she was young." When Marcia was old enough, eleven according to her dad, she started curling with the adults. Marcia's parents curled once a week in a mixed league in Clemenceau. The next year her mom retired and her older brother stepped in for her; then the year after that Marcia was finally old enough to step in and start curling. Eventually as all the kids got older the whole family was curling in the mixed league in Clemenceau. While Marcia was in high school she decided she loved the sport of curling so much that she would try out for the school team. She tried...

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