A Psychoanalytical Look At Broumas' Little Red Riding Hood

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A Psychoanalytical Look at Broumas' Little Red Riding Hood  


Sigmund Freud, the key developer of the psychoanalytical approach to the human mind, created a theory that can
explain the driving force behind all forms of human life. In his theories he uses the desire for sexual pleasure as one of
those driving forces, but very often, according to Freud, those desires are not met, weather they are through the actual
event of receiving pleasure or through some alternate form of dispersing the energy that the desire builds. The ideas
become repressed upon not being met and eventually become entrenched in the unconscious part of our mind, also
known as the id. It is my belief that Olga Broumas used the poem "Little Red Riding Hood" as an opportunity to express
herself to the literary community, but as Freud's theories argue, not only do her intentions become a part of her writings,
but also her viewpoints on herself and her surroundings arise from the depths of her id to haunt the poem with personal
references that were not originally designed to be in a poem about a little girl taking gifts to her sick grandmother.
It is my belief that Broumas wants to tell who she is through this poem. As one reads the lines about her own birth to the
explanation of how she is in no way continuing that tradition, it becomes clear that she chose homosexuality as her course
in life. In addition to this statement, Broumas asks how she can fulfill some continuation of herself because standard
means are no longer conceivable.

As one reads deeper and deeper into the lines of the poem, other symbolic statements arise including her journey and
how other women have walked the same road, but I believe her wording arose in some of these symbolic...

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