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The only source of light in the dark sky is the rising red flames. Hundreds of thousands of slaves are worked to their absolute limit, with only a meager ration of food to sustain them. Those who are unable to provide slave labor are systematically murdered in cold blood. The black snow falls as the burning of babies and dead corpses continue in the horrifying, unconscionable atrocity that is Auschwitz. Elie Wiesel is an Auschwitz survivor who writes about his experiences in the novel Night. Throughout the novel, Elie describes his traumatic experience, and the sense of hopelessness he and other prisoners felt. Due to the constant imagery of death, despair, and decay, the novel Night does not offer any hope.
The first aspect in Night that shows there is no hope in the novel is the constant imagery of death. When Elie first enters Auschwitz, he notices that there are huge chimneys with flames rising from the top. After realizing that the smoke is from the burning of dead bodies, Wiesel recalls Madame Schächter. Wiesel says that he will never “forget those moments that murdered my God and my soul” (Wiesel 34). The figurative murdering of Elie’s soul is when Elie loses his hope, because his soul is the collection of his hopes, and his identity. The figurative murdering of God shows that Elie has given up hope of God being a beneficent deity. This further proves that there is no hope in the novel; Elie is very religious initially but eventually gives up hope in God. At the end of the novel, Elie is liberated from Buchenwald and quickly falls ill with food poisoning. After his sickness stabilizes, Elie gazes into mirror to look upon his reflection for the first time since living in Sighet and notes, “From the depths of the mirror, a corpse was contemplating me. The look in his eyes as he gazed at me has never left me” (Wiesel 115). The quote shows that even though Elie was medically alive at the time of his extrication, he was essentially dead; he had neither money nor parents, and he had been reduced to a starving refugee rather than an actual person. Some may argue that since Elie persevered and lived through the horror, the book does offer hope of salvation. That argument is incorrect since Elie describes himself as a corpse, implying that he is not truly “alive” at the end of the events (Wiesel 115). These dark, figurative and literal, images of death show the utter hopelessness conveyed in Night.
Death is only one aspect of the imagery that conveys hopelessness in Night; the imagery of decay offers no hope to the reader as well. After the Nazis learn that Auschwitz may soon be liberated, they order the evacuation of the camp, and force to the inmates to run over twenty kilometers. During the forced march, Elie describes the idea of decaying into nothing as seeming fantastic, “The idea of dying, of ceasing to be, began to fascinate me . . .  to no longer exist . . . to no longer feel anything, neither fatigue nor cold, nothing” (Wiesel 86). Elie...

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