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Focusing on the chapter “Jesus Saves” in Reading the Bible from the Margins, Miguel De La Torre creates his case behind his personal and public relationship with Christ. He stresses the importance on his public relationship with Christ hoping the reader will understand the relationship is not individualistic and not solely based on faith. He uses the analogy of what a ring symbolizes between him and his wife, how “ The ring is not what makes me married; rather, my act of wearing a ring becomes on outward expression of an inward commitment”(136). Torre uses the same comparison between a Christian and God. There is a personal relationship, but faith alone is not enough, there must be a “ring,” a public expression of faith; Torre believes Christians’ public expression is actions and works.
Torre quotes scripture and always interprets them to nicely back up his public relationship and his importance on works. Yet, every reader has different interpretations of the bible. Therefore, the reader must go and read the scripture Torre has spoken of and form their own personal view. The reader would find Torre’s interpretation of the bible at different times is skewed to always back up his emphasis on the requirement for Christian’s actions.
A Christian does need a public expression to show to the world the start of a relationship with Christ. In the beginning, when one becomes as Christian, the relationship between God and his new child is very personal. The child is beginning to learn and understand God because a reader can know of God and quote scripture, but until God is known on a deep personal level, the bible is just stories. Then, as a believer slowly discovers and realizes God and his mercy, the new believer wants to fulfill the purpose Christians were created for, to expand the kingdom of God. Out of love,...

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