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A Pursuasive Essay About Why Convicted Rapists Should Not Be Castrated Or Lobotomized; Based On A Clockwork Orange With Statistics From Rainn.

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Castration for Convicted Rapists?There were 261,000 rapes and sexual assaults in the United States, in the year 2000. Seventy-two percent of those were never reported, of those reported, there is a fifty percent chance of an arrest, an eighty percent chance that the sexual offender will be prosecuted, and fifty-eight percent of those prosecuted will receive a felony conviction. If there is a felony conviction, only sixty-nine percent of those felons spend any time in prison; in total there is only a sixteen-point-three percent chance that any rapists or sexual harassers spend a day in jail at all. Those statistics are from the Rape, Abuse, and Incest National Network. Castrating or lobotomizing one such rapist may sound like a just punishment and, or deterrence, but there are some very corrupt and defective consequences that would come from it.Every woman is terrified of being raped, or at least she should be. The truth is that out of that minute number of convicted rapists, most of them do not spend more than five-to-ten years in incarceration. They may be let off on "good behavior", but they are most likely not reformed, they are let back into the world to rape and ravage again. People are puzzled with the question of how to reform a convicted felon. In the book by Anthony Burgess titled, A Clockwork Orange, it portrays a young man named Alex Delarge who has been left at the scene of a crime where he and his gang have murdered a woman. He is tried and convicted and sent off to prison where, later, he hears about a "cure for criminals" still in the experimental stages, but is said to get one out of prison quick and prevent one from ever breaking the law again. Alex undergoes this so-called "cure" and is sent out of prison. This treatment gives a feeling of nausea and death when the thought of any immoral act crosses his mind, but he is not reformed because he does not know what else to think of, so...

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