A Quantitative Approach To Evaluating Caring In Nursing Simulation

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Clarification of the research question is at the end of the opening section and states that the study was “designed to evaluate the use of a quantitative instrument to measure caring in the nursing simulation environment.” This question is consistent with the problem statement of evaluating the correlation between caring and nursing simulations.
Ethical Considerations
All participants in this study were fully aware that the study was to be scored. It is important to note that the students were also made mindful of the fact the caring scores generated during this study had no effect on their grade in the course.
According to Kaplan, the methods section should provide sufficient information for the study to be reproduced (Kaplan, 2012). The study does acknowledge that their 57 study participants sample is too small for adequate analysis, but this can still be an acceptable number of participants, as there is no defined number for an appropriate sample size (LoBiondo-Wood & Haber, 2014). More specifically, the sample included 57 participants in their junior year at the same college of nursing encompassing six different clinical groups that were all currently enrolled in their second acute care course. The groups were evenly divided between traditional students (28 students) and accelerated students (29 students). There were 10 males and 47 females selected. This sample size is representative of the target population of nurses, which is 17.5%, which according to the National League for Nursing in 2012 in baccalaureate programs nationally is 14% (http://www.nln.org/researchgrants/slides/pdf/AS1112_F29.pdf). Selection biases were not addressed in the research study, which could influence the outcome of the study if the study participants decided for themselves whether they wanted to participate in this study, as results could be skewed if only students with a high interest in the topic being study agreed to be participants (LoBiondo-Wood & Haber, 2014).
The instrument of the Coates CES scale was also explained in relationship as to why it was an appropriate measurement of students and the measurement of establishing caring in relations to nursing simulations. The method for data collection was thoroughly explained through describing the exact simulation being tested, the simulation participants, and the participants that provided the evaluations.
This type of research study is appropriate for solving the problem of caring in relation to nursing simulations. The study’s authors referred to this study as a “correlational study,” which compared students’ self-assessments to the assessment of two college faculty members’ assessment to determine the level of caring elicited by the simulation. The study also used statistical data to evaluate the obtained data, which is an appropriate approach when conducting a quantitative study (Kaplan, 2012).
The threats to validity were minimized in this study by selecting a college faculty member and a...

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