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Explain the development of nationalism and liberalism in Europe during the period 1815-30.
During the French Revolution and Napoleonic Wars, liberalism and nationalism were spreading throughout Europe. In 1815, the powers met at Vienna for uprooting these two ideas in Europe. However, these forces were still growing during the period 1815-30.
In 1815, the Vienna Settlement tried to uproot nationalism and liberalism. The powers believed that these two forces would weaken their power and even lead to the collapse of their multi-racial empires. Therefore, Vienna Settlement was a tool for suppressing these ideas. On nationalism, the powers aimed at suppressing this idea in Poland, Germany and Italy where Napoleon had once unified them before 1815. The Vienna Settlement placed Poland under Russian rule, Germany was divided into 39 German States and controlled by Prussia and Austria under the German Confederation while Italy was divided into 8 parts, most of them were ruled by foreigners, especially Austrian. On liberalism, kings were restored in Spain, France and some Italian states. It was believed that those kings would suppress liberalism because they did not like liberalism, which was represented, by the French Revolution and Napoleonic Empire.
However, the two forces continued to grow because of the following reasons. Firstly, the industrial change encouraged the development of nationalism. At that time, railway, unified measurement...

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