A Brief Comparison Between The Provisions Britian And France Provide For Under 5's.

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Influences on educational care in France are state, community, family, economy and religion.State'Childcare is the national administrative responsibility of the Ministry of Social Affairs' (Lindon, 2000, p.89)Early childhood education has been a major part of the country's tradition since 1881, it has gone from strength to strength through the years, yet still the child care is held completely separate from early years education. The 'Law on family' of 1994 has provided France with many new ideals and incentives towards the care of their children. Among many aspects surrounding care it has helped to improve the standards of parental leave by giving major funding to day care facilities, parents will now receive more financial help in the form of tax relief and some allowances for charged services. The legislation favours care for young children at home or with a family day carer thus encouraging mothers to stay out of the labour market. The Law on Educational Orientation of 1989 brought forward changes in the overall set up of pre-primary and primary education. It instigated the change of the 'ecole maternelles role in education. Previously they were in charge of two and a half to six year olds, where as now they must provide an integral education system for children up to the age of eleven, all under the responsibility of the National Ministry of Education.Schooling in France starts at six years of age, finishing when the child is sixteen, it is closely connected with the pre-primary education through the cycles of learning. These cycles are described below.One: Cycle des apprentissages premiers. Pre-schooling for children aged two to five years old. This includes lower, middle and upper sections of 'ecole maternelle. During this period there is a strong sense of emphasis on the social, emotional and cognitive development of the children.Two: Cycle des apprentissages fondamentaux. This is the education for the upper 'ecole maternelle and for the first two years of primary school (five to eight years). Here the learning experiences are centred on literacy and numeracy.Three: This cycle is the education of the last three years of primary school and focuses primarily on the consolidation of the literacy and numeracy skills.There is an after school provision provided for three to six year olds called Garderie periscolaire, these are generally on the school's premises. They are run by a qualified leisure and play staff called Animateurs, and are the responsibility of the Ministry of social affairs.The ecole maternelle is a pre-primary establishment for young children, and are usually joined to or in unison with a primary school. They are also closely linked to the school's aims and objectives, at the moment they have no set curriculum but the school council provides advice about that daily learning structure. In the late 1990's there was a small move twards introducing a specific curriculum to help create a more structured and learning orientated...

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