A Short Introduction To The Philosopy Called Death.

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"DEATH"My paper is based on John Kearney, A Short Introduction to Philosophy called Death. I have selected to write on "My Confession" by Leo Tolstoy. Tolstoy takes a look back on his life and considers it to be meaningless and a regrettable failure. His story gives us the insight into his thinking as he begins to forever change his ideas, actions, and his radical development on the Philosophy of Death.Leo Tolstoy begins his insight by telling us a story about a traveller out in the plain who is overtaken by a wild beast. The traveller has no lifesaving option. If he falls to the bottom of the waterless well, the "dragon of death" will devour him. If he climbs out of the waterless well, the wild beast will tear him to pieces. Clinging to the twig of a wild bush, growing on the side of the well, he temporarily saves himself from the "dragon." But then he faces the mice, one white (representing the day), and the other black (representing the night) who is nibble at the "branch of life." (John Kearney, "Death" page 158).This story of the traveller is a description of how we can not escape death. It is also similar to those who have been told of a serious illness of impending death. They hear the clock ticking more clearly than the rest of us. Yet, the turned up volume of ticking in our ears, should not distract us from realizing that the journey continues; still winds itself along the curves of our existence; however uncomfortable at times, toward that destination called death or eternal life.Although we all know, the clock of our lives is in never-ending fashion ticking away, Tolstoy explains that no one can escape the "dragon." In a sense, we are all hanging on the branch of life in a waterless well. He explains that our fear of death is the fear that our identity will be destroyed. If we could only realize and experience that our identity is an everlasting Being which cannot die or be destroyed, our fear of death would vanish. We would see death and the physical-plane life as stages in an endless journey to perfection and death as the door into far less limiting experience on that road.As we move through our journey of life, we need to realize that our own individual lives are important and should be filled with meaning. We should live life fully, live it abundantly and find joy in our own creations. We should experience both failure and success, to use free will to expand and magnify our lives. We should go deep into our hearts, the "place" where we are connected with our Soul. Yet, instead most people take all of this for granted and live life without putting God first.However, Tolstoy a success writer gave up his material wealth to his family and friends and decided to live a life with the "poor, the simple and unlettered folk," rather than the rich and the learned. In his heart he believed that to find the true meaning in life, it was necessary to live life according to God's law. He knew that he was an important portion of God's Creation,...

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