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A Short Story Involving Time Travel.

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The Third Ring Around The SunI just woke up and was looking out the window when my science teacher started yelling at me, "John! You're finally up! I was just telling the rest of the class that over the weekend you are to write a page essay on what you think the Earth will be like in the years to come. Have a nice weekend, class dismissed!"I was walking out of the room when my teacher called back to me, "Oh, and John, from now on try to sleep at home and not in my class."On my way home I remembered that I had to go to the library to start my history report that was due on Monday, so I went into the telephone booth to call my dad and tell him where I'll be. When I stepped into the booth I closed the door because it was one of those older booths. When I started dialing, it suddenly became very dark, and then it started to rain. As the telephone rang I heard thunder from outside, and then saw lightning. This bolt of lightning was enormous, everything went white, the trees, buildings, dogs, cats, everything! A fraction of a second after the bolt of lightning struck, the old phone booth started to shake, then another huge bolt of lightning struck.After awhile of the booth shaking I passed out. When I woke up the area around the phone booth had altogether changed. At first I just stood there in the booth, not knowing what to do. Eventually I decided to go out and look around.When I stepped outside the heat really hit me, so much that I felt dizzy. After I rested I got back up and started walking around. After hours of walking I didn't see any buildings or people; I was getting pretty hungry, not to mention tired. I found a flat surface and went to sleep.The next day when I woke up these creatures standing around me startled me. They were tall, green, and skinny, except for their head, which was the size of two watermelons put together. Their huge black eyes just stared at me, and didn't seem to blink. I started backing away until I hit something. I looked behind me and saw another one of the creatures. However this one was different. The hands, instead of having five fingers like the rest, this one had hands in the shape of boxing gloves. The creature grunted to the others and they started dragging me off.When we finally stopped it was late afternoon, and the sun was out again. One of the green figures motioned for me to get up. When I got up I turned around and saw this huge building. It was taller than the Empire State Building, and in width it was larger than the Golden Gate Bridge. This was the largest building I have ever seen. Then all of a sudden I felt a poking at my back. I turned and saw that it was the creature with no fingers hitting my back in a jabbing motion.Then in a low, hoarse tone he said, "Go."I walked slowly...

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