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A Ray Of Hope Essay

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At a very young age, Anne and Mina already find themselves in difficult circumstances. At the age of thirteen, Anne together with her whole family escape from the Nazis by going into hiding in an attic of an office building where Anne’s father, Otto Frank, works. During their stay, Anne struggles with the adult residents of the Secret Annex. For example, Anne’s relationship with her mother, Edith Frank, goes astray because of their differing personalities. She claims, “Mother’s personalities are so alien to me” (Frank 41). As time goes by, Anne becomes distant towards her mother and she gradually hates and condemns her because she thinks her mother is one of the reason of her loneliness. ...view middle of the document...

Even though Anne is often criticized and feels guilty, her instant determination to improve herself grows. Similarly, Mina still struggles in coping over her father’s death that she lost when she is young. Mina even goes down to an old mining tunnel in Heston Park, in search for Orpheus to try and get her father back. “She’d go down to the underworld like Orpheus did. He didn’t manage to bring Eurydice back. But Mina would succeed. She’d go down, she’d meet Pluto and Persephone. She’d persuade them to let her bring her dad back into the world” (Almond 47). Clearly, this shows how she still misses her father. In addition to Mina’s strenuous obstacles she faces in her life, she encounters a series of unfortunate incidents at school and her school life is pretty challenging. She is a misfit to her teacher, Mrs. Scullery and a shame to the head teacher of St. Bede’s Middle. For instance, during SATS Day in her school in which she writes her made up words in her essay. Before the examination, Mrs. Scullery reminds her:
You could be one of my very best...

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