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Lee A. ZitoHolocaust Museum Trip Extra CreditWhen we attended the Holocaust Museum it had been the second time I had visited it. I really didn't want to go, partly because I had already been there, but also because I didn't have anyone to hang out with. I invited my cousin because her and I are like sisters. Since we were both three years old we've rarely gone through a day without seeing each other.She agreed to go and about a week or two later she started seeing a guy from the class. I thought this would be no problem since we all knew each other. It turned out that I was ditched the moment the bus took off from Mount Laurel to Washington. And at that very moment I was homesick.But I knew I had to deal with it at least for the rest of the day. So I toughened up and tried to forget about it, convinced I could enjoy this trip by myself. Before we got on the elevators at the museum, I felt so alone and upset with at least thirty people around me. I tried hard not to care about where my cousin was, after all, she ditched me.Right before we got on the elevators she came up to me and asked me if I was mad at her. I said no like a total hypocrite. The truth was I felt saved, I was glad she was with me again. We walked a while through the museum, not speaking a word. Despite the fact that everyone was doing this out of respect, the silence between my cousin and I was uneasy tension. I guess she was mad because she wanted to hang out with her boyfriend, not me.We stopped at the Nuremberg Laws display. Trying to erase the tension I told her, "Look, I'd be considered a first degree Jew." (My father was Jewish, but is a Catholic convert.) Then looking it over once more I noticed she wasn't characterized at all in the laws. So I said, "I guess you'd...

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Realization of the imitation Essay

1602 words - 7 pages Time and time again our stories feature a twist where it turns out the image that the characters experience is either blatantly false, or has been distorted, that their perceptions turned out to be an imitation of something that was never real; whether it be the realization that the Matrix is a computer simulation, that Madeline from Vertigo never existed, or that Dorian Gray’s face masks his corrupt personality. In these stories the

Nora Helme: Transgression towards Realization Essay

1433 words - 6 pages not allowed to follow a profession. Nevertheless, as time progress, women have experienced “realization”. This realization is the ability for one to understand their purpose or have a desire to be something more than their original state. Zealously, I believe that conflict can help a woman transcend to this ‘realization’. Regardless of the many disparities women have faced, it is apparent that the conflicts that women have experienced

Self Realization in Katherine Mansfield's Miss Brill

904 words - 4 pages people's lives by listening "as though she didn't listen" (Mansfield 259) to their conversations and observing their every move. Through these senses, Miss Brill tries to create an alternate reality for herself to relieve her feelings of loneliness; although, she is forced into a self-realization, but remains the same, for the imposter is not who she truly is. The short story gives the reader an everyday experience of Miss Brill's character

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1989 words - 8 pages Karl Marx believes that animals are not distinct from their life activity, and that what distinguishes man from animals is that he, instead of being the same as his life activity, treats his life activity only as an object of his will and consciousness. Yet private ownership of means of production (land, machine, raw material, etc.) leads to alienation of labor, which makes work as a life activity that is anti-human. Thus he advocates communism

Realization of Inner Evil in Joseph Conrad's Heart of Darkness

1568 words - 6 pages Realization of Inner Evil in Heart of Darkness   It was said by Thomas Moser that "in order to truly be alive one must recognize the truth, the darkness, the evil and the death within" (Moser, 156). Joseph Conrad's novel, Heart of Darkness, goes very far to explain and prove this statement. During the novel the reader takes part in a spiritual and inner journey through Africa and the mind of the protagonist, Marlow. As a consequence of his

Catherine Sloper's Self-realization in Henry James' Washington Square

682 words - 3 pages Catherine Sloper's Self-realization in Henry James' Washington Square In his essay, "Washington Square: A Study in the Growth of an Inner Self," James W. Gargano argues convincingly that the Henry James's novel, Washington Square, revolves around the emotional, psychological, and spiritual development of Catherine Sloper. With one small exception, Gargano makes his case so persuasively that it seems hard to believe that there could be any

Self-realization in Virginia Woolf’s To the Lighthouse

2161 words - 9 pages Self-realization in Virginia Woolf’s To the Lighthouse A Lighthouse is a structure or tower, which emits light in order to guide people, mainly mariners.  Virginia Woolf uses the meaning as a hidden symbol to guide readers to the deep unresolved feelings carried within the novel’s distraught characters.  As the novel progresses, the significance of the Lighthouse’s meaning slowly unravels.  The reader receives an insightful view into

Larry's Realization in My Oedipus Complex by Frank O' Connor

1197 words - 5 pages door opens. Larry's door closing was the realization that he was unable to marry his mother and have babies with her. The door opening was him seeing that his father wasn't bad at all and he said,”At Christmas he went out of his way to buy me a really nice model railway,” (p.10).

Siddhartha's Self Realization

603 words - 2 pages meeting with Buddha, his attempted suicide, and his arrival and departure of his son. These three events contributed to his self-discoveries and individuality.Siddhartha's meeting with Gautama, the Buddha, is the first major experience in his journey that affected his learning process. After several unmotivating years of living an ascetic life of a Samana, Siddhartha began his journey and sought out Gautama, known as "The Illustrious One

The Realization of death can change an Individual as in Lord Jim, JIM changes when death is immenient

1672 words - 7 pages The Realization of death can change an IndividualLord Jim, written in 1900 by Joseph Conrad is a tragic heroic novel portraying the main character's attempts to escape his cowardice past. Marlow Jim's friend (and narrator) tells of the quest for Jim's youthful dreams of the sea. After Jim becomes a seaman he abandons a ship when it hits an underwater object, he leaves his crewmates and pilgrims behind. The Patina never sinks and he is summed to

Empty Shoes: The Realization of Teenage Driving Accidents

2400 words - 10 pages It is 2 a.m. when Kevin picks up the phone. On the other end, a voice tells him of an accident involving his daughter, Hailey. He and his wife jump out of bed and rush to the scene. Once they arrive, the officer tells them the news. A week later a funeral is held in remembrance of a precocious 16-year-old who was taken too soon. Months pass but the pain still lingers in Kevin’s heart. He decides to speak out at Hailey’s high school and

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1526 words - 6 pages A Deadly Realization      I walked into school around 8:25, rolling out of bed only a half hour before. I wiped the rain from my face, I hate when it rains. As usual, I strolled in with a casual walk, like I was the coolest, because I could come in late every morning since I had no first period class. The first person I saw as I walked through the cafeteria toward the staircase was Louise. Usually an outgoing and crazy

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2345 words - 9 pages Realization in Welty's A Piece of NewsRuby's death fantasy reflects the conflict between her wants, needs, and life in this Eudora Welty story. We first meet Ruby while she is coming in from a storm with a package of coffee wrapped in newspaper from a man from Tennessee. We find out later that she has a habit of hitchhiking and picking up men from Tennessee. Welty writes, "When Clyde would make her blue, she would go out onto the road, some car

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1692 words - 7 pages QuestionOne woman discovers her traditional role as wife and mother to be a lie whereas the other counts the cost of her success as a modern career woman. How would you stage a key scene from A Doll's House and Top Girls that contributes to or highlights each heroine's realization of theses issues.AnswerIn the first part of this essay, I will begin by pretending to be a director in portraying the two scenes from both plays "A Doll House" by