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A Recipe For My Success Essay

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“Your life is what you make it. As long as you are happy, I will always be proud of you.” My father has said that to me more times than I can count. His constant support is impeccable, but he has blessed me with a gift even more powerful than that. My father is the reason that my life now has direction. Since I was a little girl, he has been teaching me everything he knows about running a kitchen. Recipes are rare in his house. Usually he figures out how to make a dish on his own, from scratch. When I got married and moved in with my husband, I had to start applying everything I had learned from my father into our daily meals. As time went on my cooking skills improved tremendously. It became my obsession. After being out of college for nearly one year, I decided to go back to get a degree in Business Management and Hospitality. My dream is to own a food truck, and I know someday I will turn this dream into reality.
Although there are many factors that helped influence my life-altering decision, there is one in particular that tends to win over my own heart. My husband, Zach, has held my hand through any decisions I have ever made. This one is no different. About six months ago we had a discussion, and I told him that I would like to open a food truck. He was thrilled! I could not believe how supportive he was within such a short amount of time. Zach even admitted that it was nice to see me so passionate about something. He had never seen such ambition from me before. Even though I had already discovered my calling in life, Zach is the reason why I have been sticking to my dream.
Throughout all of my planning, there was one thing I failed to consider. Should I go back to school and get a degree first, or go for it with no back-up plan? Playing it smart by going back to college is probably the best decision I could have ever made. Even though I have only been here for a short...

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