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A Recreation/Reworking Of An Aspect Of The Text "Nineteen Eighty Four", Such As Adding To The Text.

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It was the alert, cold face of a man of about five-and-thirty. It occurred to Winston that for the first time in his life he was looking, with knowledge, at a member of the Thought Police...Winston recognised the voice that he had heard a few moments ago on the telescreen. Mr Carrington, the man who had been of great service to him for many years had betrayed him. He was still wearing his old velvet jacket, but his hair, which had been almost white, had turned black. Also, he was not wearing his spectacles. The man entire had undergone a massive transformation. Like a caterpillar's amazing redevelopment into a butterfly. His body had straightened, the black eyebrows on his face were less bushy, the wrinkles were gone, whole lines of the face seemed to be altered; even the nose seemed shorter. The overwhelming confusion occupied Winston's mind and the total deception of a world against him had finally been realised."Where do you think you're taking me?" Winston cried."Oh, don't you worry. We'll take good care of you."Winston immediately heard a number of malevolent laughs rising in a crescendo around him. He could not see them though. He imagined that there were at least five of them. They had wrapped a tight bandage around his head. He was sure that they had soaked it in some sort of fuel. He was hauled up into a van and driven away hastily. An hour had past and Winston was becoming agitated in the back of the vehicle. He had listened to them talking about how they were going to make Big Brother proud and Eurasia would perish. Winston thought to himself; what do they mean by Eurasia would perish? Was not Oceania at war with Eastasia?The van had come to an abrupt stop. There was a lot of movement in the front seat. "Hey junior, get out of the van", one of them yelled."I can't see where I'm going," Winston debated innocently."Listen, get out before I damage that ugly face of yours and slice your varicose veins, one by one."It was Mr Cunningham. A man once the best friend Winston boasted and the only camouflage he had over the hatred he contained for the party. Winston remembered a line in one of the articles he himself had written in the ministry:Thoughtcrime does not entail death: thoughtcrime is death.Finally, Winston was pulled out quite savagely by one of the men. They unmasked him so as not to be suspicious and began walking. Winston opened his eyes carefully as he had been in the dark for so long that the bright light would damage his eyes. It was the Airstrip. The rest of the men, whom Winston was seeing for the first time, accompanied by Mr Carrington were taking him to the airport. All the men seemed of a large build wearing black trench coats and shiny black shoes. He saw them as they walked in a line in front of him. None of them uttered a word. It seemed the planning and talking had been terminated long before.It was a very organised operation. Each of the men walked towards the same terminal, stepped aside and waited for Winston to...

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