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A Reflection And Comparative Analysis Of The Australian Aboriginals And The Chinese Culture

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A Reflection and Comparative Analysis of the Australian Aboriginals and the Chinese CultureIn our society, having good understanding of the different cultural value, rules and beliefs will enable us to effectively analyse situations in both an everyday or business sense. I will be comparing the similarities and differences in two different societies, the Chinese and Aboriginal Australian people, both having established social values through long ancestral history. By exploring the theoretical dimensions of Universalism verses particularism continuing with looking at collectivism, I hope to consolidate my belief that understanding people is essential in everyday situation.Since Australia is an egalitarian society, universalism plays an important role in our society. Universalism states that rules, laws, and values can be equally and fairly applied to all people with various cultures and background. (Sanders W 2001) Contrastingly, our local indigenous populations have a different opinion on whether all human rights are universal. Aborigines are often plagued with discriminatory problems and health related issues. An Aboriginal lawyer Noel Pearson voiced that the social security system in Australia has caused harm to their society. Pearson argues that the norms of universalism only applies and is best for the non-aborigine Australians, whereas the rules of the "social welfare" were not written with consideration for them, thus indigenous people have major issues of adaptation and interpretation due to social and economic differences. (Sanders W 2001)China is a particularistic culture where the norms consist of relationships and different circumstances in order to decide right or wrong. (Deresky H 2010) A Chinese business would bases their trust on the relationships built between the partners. If strict laws and regulations were involved, it would offend the partners because it creates a lack of trust between businesses. This highlights the importance of relationships in the Chinese society. (Gallo F 2009) Based on my experience living in China, it was acceptable to provide gifts when conducting a business meeting. This can be interpreted as bribery in a universalistic society and ultimately unethical. But in China this was seen as building a better relationship under particular circumstances, and it's a right to do so.The universalistic approach applies rules without considering individual circumstances, therefore creating problems of inequality and degradation which the Aborigines face in contrast to the rest of the Australian population. (Smith S 2008) Whereas if a particularistic approach that would be built on connections and friendship, would prove to be more suitable for the Aboriginal culture. Particularist cultures have evolved with the reliance on friends and relationships in order to survive. (Fan B 2008) The complex network of relationships in China and Aboriginal cultures has been the foundation of their existence. What is the purpose of...

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